Time For Change-Living Room Makeover

Who doesn’t like changes? A makeover is very important to infuse a breath of fresh air and bring in energy in the habitual environment. With time, our house too needs to be renovated, refurbished and re-ordered so that one falls in love with the dwelling all over again. Here are some living room makeovers which changed the overall feel of the house drastically and aesthetically:

  1. From drab to crisp- Makeover which entices

Before: There is a dearth of colour play in the living room and hence it looks drab and unappealing. It’s time to treat the plain walls like a blank canvas and let the creative juices feel.

Living room makeover 1



After: The ceiling medallions give a super-stylish wall treatment to our plain Jane living room. The adhesive caulk facilitates the wall art process. And the Belgian-linen slip cover injects a soft dose of color to an otherwise white appearance of the sofa. Subtle yet classy!

living room makeover 2-After



2. From bland to bold- Makeover which stands out

Before:  With no window treatments and bland furnishings, the living room looks lifeless. The plain white walls don’t do any favours to the overall feel. The wooden mantel and built-in bookshelf lie quietly without any limelight.

Living room part 3-before



After: The furnishings are brought closer to increase intimacy and warmth. A dash of boldness with the zebra print brings life to the humble sofa setting. The rug is removed to create more face and accentuate the wood floors. The walls are painted with subtle hues to break the monotony.  Makeover to bring life!

Living room part 3-after



3. From dark to classy- Makeover which is in vogue

Before:  The living room looks heavy with furnishings, the yellow heart pine looks rustic and blocks light. It lacks personality and a very cabin-like feeling.

Living room dark-Before



After:  The ceiling, walls and the floor are dashed in white to lighten them up and the French doors with the 8 foot tall windows welcome the sunshine bringing in a positive vibe. The view blocking window blinds are discarded and an enticing color scheme of grey, black and green is chosen to add spark to the living room. Ghingham curtains and plaid pillows kick the country feel inside the living room.

Living room crispy-after



4. From cold to homely- Makeover that cheers up

Before: The eccentric contrast between white walls and the dark wooden trim is harsh on the eye. To add to it, the spread-out seating gives a very detached feeling to the room with the high end table overshadowing the sofa. 

Living room wooden-Before


After: The pale green walls bring a balance to the trim and a color play with the pillows blend with the neutral sofa adding a personal touch. The larger rug anchors the seating area replacing the smaller ones. The coffee table is made the end table with with the end tables becoming a console on the wall behind the love seat. 

Living room wood-After


5. From horror to divine- Makeover which infuses life

Before: The living room looks straight out of horror movies, with white droopy walls and a carelessly placed white linen covered sofa. There are no details and everything looks frosty.

Living room no character-before


After:  The makeover looks terrific with cream and beige bringing life to the living room. The large table at the centre banks on aesthetics and functionality. The wall hanging brings out the artsy side and the cushion covers look peppy.


Living room vintage-after


Did you like these living room makeovers ideas? Let us know!




Happy Homecoming with a Stylish Entryway

The entryway and the foyer is the very space of your home that can make a lasting first impression on your guests. It has a great effect on your mood as well. A welcoming entryway requires good storage and organization.

Here are few stylish must haves for a warm, hospitable and inviting entryway.

Entryway bench

xtrayard_stylish and organized entryway_Entryway bench

When buying entryway furniture remember to look for multi-functional, space saving furniture items. Opt for benches with storage that are functional as well attractive. It provides not only sitting but a much needed storage inside the front door for daily essentials and accessories.

Wall racks and hooks

xtrayard_stylish and organized entryway_Wall racks and hooks 


Some space saving wall racks are ideal for keeping mails, keys, grocery lists etc. for a tidy entryway. Attach hooks for one-of-a-kind coatrack. Clear the clutter by hanging hats, coats, umbrellas and bags to give it a cozy and well organised look.

Shoe rack

xtrayard_stylish and organized entryway_shoe rack

A shoe rack is a must to control the messy footwear situation in the foyer. Place a stylish shoe rack to keep your pairs of shoes well and organised.


xtrayard_stylish and organized entryway_Mirror

 In a foyer, mirrors are useful for checking hair and makeup just before heading out the door. Hang a big,bold framed, colorful mirror on the wall for elegant and stylish appearance.

Gallery wall

xtrayard_stylish and organized entryway_Gallery wall

 An interesting and charming way to personalize the entryway is to create a gallery wall. Display a mix of family photos and drawings for a unique wall art. How to Hang Those Artworks The Right Way?

A chic console

xtrayard_stylish and organized entryway_console

A console table provides an open display space. In the foyer keep your favourite artifacts, flower vases, lamps, candles on display for more welcoming and impressive entryway. Open shelf of a chic console also offers a spot for books, bags and shoes.

Ideas on inexpensive and attractive small entryway furnitures and decoration are innumerable. Be inspired by the ideas and add a beautiful, welcoming, neat touch to the home environment. Don’t forget to share your ideas and experiences!

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