Go Beyond the Basics – Fresh & Stylish Headboard DIYs!

[blockquote author=”” pull=”normal”]Your bedroom should be a place to relax, unwind and get a great night’sleep. Sometimes that calls for a new mattress and sometimes, it just comes down to having a great Headboard.[/blockquote]

Bedrooms without headboard tends to look a little bare, unless you’re taking mattress on the floor or have a bohemian theme decor. Headboards are mostly decorative pieces now, that can transform a boring bedroom into bold and absolute elegance.

Instead of boring expensive traditional headboards, you can go for the quirky, attainable headboard projects that adds style to any bedroom for almost no cost and in just a couple of hours. Thanks to these easy DIYs that helps you turn inexpensive objects, lying around the house into unique pieces that is usually fun and simple.


Out-of-the-box sign headboard



With eye-catching color and theme, this unique old sign headboard can be the focal point of your bedroom. You just need to search for inspirational old signs online. Print and paint them on plywood and you are sorted.

Moonlight headboard



Looking for a starry diy headboard for your kids room? This cute blue headboard with Christmas lights are just perfect. Your kids would love to gaze at the stars that glows in dark while he fall asleep.The built-in lights in moon acts as a night light too. 😉

Go rustic with wood pallets



Add a rustic charm to your room with this unique diy headboard. All you need is some bare wood pallets of different tones. Create a pattern and nail them up together. Hang your favourite decorative items and pictures for more warmth and style.

Tape and paint the wall



This stylish headboard is one of the easiest and quick DIYs. All you need is to create an elegant template on the wall above the bed with painter’s tape. Pick up your favourite color and fill in the template. It has the same effect as accent wall, but draws attention towards the bed.

 Try the string art



Have an idea of string art? This colourful rope design headboard is perfect for your teens and kids. It’s so easy to make that you can even involve your kids to create this masterpiece, spending some fun time together. 

Frame your favourite fabrics



Create fun and dramatic effect in your bedroom with colorful framed fabrics. Pick 2 or 3 fabrics of your choice. Frame the fabrics cut outs. Secure the frames above the wall alternatively to create a pattern and you are done. Make sure the fabrics you choose compliment each other.

Woven wood bedhead



And you don’t have to be a professional woodworker to weave the wood strips! Stain the woven wood strips in bright neon colors to add Scandinavian charm in your bedroom. Accessorise with colorful cushions and sheets for more playful and dynamic look.

Coastal shutter

DIY shutter headboard


Wanna have a beach house look in your bedroom? Shutter headboards are perfect. Bring your old shutter in and paint them with dry brushing technique. Secure the shutter on the wall above your bed and you are good to go.

Ever changing whimsy bedhead

idei-dlya-oformleniya-izgolovya-krovati-v-spalne_25 (1)


Looking for a budget friendly headboard hack? A can of chalkboard paint and some dust less chalk is all you need to spend on. With little imagination and inspiration you can treat yourself with beautiful bedrail. The best thing is you can keep on changing them as often as you like, as per your mood or taste.  🙂

Get inspired! Craft funky, stylish headboard of your own to transform your bedroom into your new favourite spot. Don’t forget to share your experiences  and ideas with us! 

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Balcony Decor Styles for your Home

The warm weather when we can spend much time under the sun and air sipping coffee or enjoying meals is finally here. Spice up your small balcony decor to create a cozy and inviting outdoor space of your own as balcony may be the only outdoor space in city apartments where you can enjoy a natural environment, fresh air and sun without even leaving the apartment.

Here are some balcony decor styles to help you transform it into an awesome outdoor space for a warm and cozy relaxing retreat.

Feng Shui Style

 Feng shui designs accents the wood color. Wooden furnitures and flooring adds a cozy atmosphere to the balcony. Place wooden benches for sittings and lots of green plants in wooden flower boxes for refreshment.

Decor Styles for a Beautiful Balcony_fensui balcony 2

French Style balcony decor 

Wrought iron railings and many plants emphasises the french design. Stick to white paint on the walls and place classic wrought iron furnitures for sitting. Hang flower pots on the railings and lots of climbing plants throughout your balcony to achieve the look.

Decor Styles for a Beautiful Balcony_French Balcony

Contemporary Style

 Hanging plant planters save space making the decor look contemporary, stylish and more functional. Simple outdoor light and fixtures adds a contemporary flair and a welcoming look. Place bean bags and porch with decorative pillows for sittings. Elements like wind chimes gives a charming, natural and intimate retreat.

Decor Styles for a Beautiful Balcony_colorful contemperory

Vintage/Rustic Style

  Vintage or Rustic design allows flower boxes made of metals. Few sheet metal flower pot filled with multiple plants are placed in the balcony for a vintage look.

Sheet metal flower boxes for vintage balcony - balcony decor styles for your homesource

Scandinavian Style

 Interesting color combinations from blue, orange, neons and even red emphasize a Scandinavian decor. It allows freedom on changes of colors and plants. Hang colorful flower pots directly to the railings or arrange on a shelf. Colorful folding furnitures and bean bags with multicolored pillows are recommended for sitting.

Decor Styles for a Beautiful Balcony_Scandinavian balcony 1

Ideas on decorating balcony are endless. Let these proposals inspire you and help finding a suitable design that you can set up at home.