Old Furniture Upcycle – Find, Recreate, Redecorate!

You just never know what is waiting to be created from just about anything laying around you. All you need is little imagination and creativity! Upcycle old pieces of furnitures, laying in your attic or garage into a new piece to reuse in your home decor. Perfect for those who are looking eco friendly, low budget home decor items.

There seems to be an endless amazing ideas, full of fun and creativity to recreate and reuse all kind of old furnitures in your home decor. We picked up few of them for your inspiration here.

Swing baby swing!



Your baby is a grown up now and his crib is now just a useless piece of space consuming furniture in the house? This crib turned swing is an outstanding upcycle idea to give a new life to the crib, to relive old memories of your baby and you and to create some new ones too. Worth trying, isn’t it?

Upcycle old card catalog into an amazing console

Upcycle Old card catalogue into beautiful console for entryway - Ideas to Upcycle Old Furniture- find, Recreate, Redecorate!


This unique upcycled console looks gorgeous. All you need is to find a piece of furniture like this one and add legs to it. Perfect for an entryway as it can be both functional and aesthetic. Small items of daily use such as mails, bills, grocery lists etc. can be stashed in the drawers for an organised entryway.

Go bold with old

Create lovely side tables with old table - ideas to Upcycle Old Furniture- find, Recreate, Redecorate!


Repurpose that old piece of small table into beautiful, new addition for your home decor. Cut the table into half to make lovely side tables. Stain them in bright color to pop out, creating a bold look to the space.

Budget friendly mantel headboard

Reuse old mantel as headboard for your bed - Upcycle Old Furniture- find, Recreate, Redecorate!


How about upcycling that old mantel piece laying in your attic into an elegant headboard for your bedroom? A low budget, easy diy headboard idea, isn’t it? Paint or stain the mantel headboard in whatever color you want to compliment bedroom decor or use as it is for a shabby chic look.

Repurpose old ladder for shelving

Repurpose old ladder for bookshelf - ideas to Upcycle Old Furniture- find, Recreate, Redecorate!


Don’t know what to do with the purposeless ladder laying in your garage. Bring it inside your home, upcycle into wall shelves in no cost at all. Ladders can be reused as perfect bookshelves and can be used to display decorative items as well. Worth giving a try!

 What are you waiting for? Start looking for old pieces of furnitures laying around you at your home or at junkyard to recreate and repurpose! Do share your creation and ideas with us in the comments below. 🙂 


For a Cool yet Perky Hue, Paint your Bedroom Blue

Most home owners wish to create a peaceful retreat and escape from the outside world in their master bedrooms. While the right color can multiply the joys and peace then at the same time choosing the wrong shades for your bedroom can really be a spoil spot.
As the king of cool hues, blue is one of the more soothing colors on the spectrum and is perfect for the master bedroom.

Here are some cool tips to keep in mind if you are planning to paint your master bedroom blue:

1. Crispy Contrast

Navy blue or indigo painted with white can create a stunning and crisp contrast with more warmth.

Blue Interior - Crispy Contrast


2. Combined with Wooden Furnishing

Blue looks great with furnishing in a wide range of wooden tones.

Blue Interior - Blue & Rusty Wood

3. Deeper Shade for Traditional Bedroom

In a traditional bedroom, deeper shades of blue create a stately backdrop for antiques and classic furnishing, as well as artwork.

_blue interior Contemporary Bedroom Traditional Bedroom_For a Cool yet Perky Hue, Paint your Bedroom Blue_Bedroom Contemporary Eclectic Traditional

4. Perky Look

For a cheery look, choose a brighter shade and pair it with sunny yellow accents in lamps, trow pillows and window treatments.

Blue bedroom - perky

5. Brighter Shades for Contemporary Bedroom

In an eclectic or contemporary bedroom, choose a bright shade of blue and balance the look with window treatments and bed linens in white and gold tones.

Blue Interior - perky-yellow

6. Romantic Lavender

Consider grey with lavender undertones, for a look that is both comforting and romantic.

Blue Interior - Lavender romantic

7. Greater Height

Painting light blue on your ceiling gives the look of greater height.

Blue Interior - light blue

8. Spread the Bed Spreads on your Walls

If a bed spread or a comforter you love has blue in it, choose that shade for you walls. If it is a very dark shade of blue, paint just one wall, so the color doesn’t overwhelm the room.

Blue Bedroom- Bed to wall

If you haven’t considered blue for your bedroom, pick from the wide range of shades available. From “Pale Robin Egg” blue to Deep navy, there is sure to be a shade that suits your relaxing retreat and your decorating style.