Play Time! Let’s Arrange Those Pillows on Bed

Pillows are a great way to make a strong impact in any room and when it comes to decorating your bed, nothing can beat the pillows. But,there’s so many questions that may arise in your confused mind while arranging them. How many pillows? Of what sizes? How to arrange them for a comfortable yet stylish bed setting? Well, I must tell you that there’s no set of rules for bed pillows arrangement. One can play with the pillows according to the decor style of the bedroom, personal aesthetic and preferences.

However, here are few basic principles to keep in mind while playing with the pillows to help you make your bed more inviting and alluring. Let’s have a look at it!

Simple yet stylish!

_bolster decorative pillows pillow arrangement rolled pillows Stacked pillows standing pillows_Play Time! Lets Arrange Those Pillows on Bed_Bedroom Contemporary Decor Modern Rooms Victorian


If you are someone who prefer a neat and fuss free bed, this one is for you. Stack a minimum of 2 euro or standard pillows flat on each other at both ends for a clean and subtle look. Simplicity is the new trend. 🙂

The more, the merrier

_bolster decorative pillows pillow arrangement rolled pillows Stacked pillows standing pillows_Play Time! Lets Arrange Those Pillows on Bed_Bedroom Contemporary Decor Modern Rooms Victorian


_bolster decorative pillows pillow arrangement rolled pillows Stacked pillows standing pillows_Play Time! Lets Arrange Those Pillows on Bed_Bedroom Contemporary Decor Modern Rooms Victorian


For a setting that is extravagant and deluxe you need a combination of at least 5 pillows or more of euro, standard and decorative throw pillows. Arrange them in rows of largest euro ones in the back followed by standard sized in the middle and small decorative pillows in the front. Lay them in standing position and you are done!

Bolster for the little extra



_bolster decorative pillows pillow arrangement rolled pillows Stacked pillows standing pillows_Play Time! Lets Arrange Those Pillows on Bed_Bedroom Contemporary Decor Modern Rooms Victorian


 If you want to add some more shapes other than all the squares and rectangular ones, add a short or long bolster/rolled pillow to your bed. The trick is to lay the bolster at the very back (behind the euro and decorative pillows) or in the front. This look is surely a classic!

Messy is cozy



_bolster decorative pillows pillow arrangement rolled pillows Stacked pillows standing pillows_Play Time! Lets Arrange Those Pillows on Bed_Bedroom Contemporary Decor Modern Rooms Victorian


If you are a plentiful pillow person who loves to stash in a warm and cozy nest around on bed, this arrangement is perfect for you. Actually, there is no arrangement in this ‘throw and go’ casual style. You have the liberty to add many pillows of various sizes, shapes, colors and patterns here. This one is the most easy, fun and simple bed setting.

Vintage appeal – stacked and standing pillows combined!



This look is one of my favourites! Lay stacked bed pillows behind and standing decorative pillows in the front. It not only hides the sleeping pillows behind but adds definition and old time charm to any room, making it sophisticated and divine.

 Some people are messy, some are neat and orderly, some are trend follower and some are too casual to even bother. The way u choose to arrange the pillows on bed says it all. 😉 So what’s your ideal style of pillow arrangement for a comfortable and blissful bed? Did you find these pillow arrangements playful enough? Write to us in the comments below 🙂

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8 Cool Wall Shelves to Revamp Your Home

Many things at our home are too beautiful to be hidden behind the closed doors. If displayed, these items can instantly update a barren space with their color, texture, patterns, energy etc. Why not incorporate open wall shelves at home to display your possession? Wall shelves are one of the most easy and usually inexpensive ways that not only add decorating element to the space, but also help you keep your home organised.

Revamp your home with few of the wall shelving ideas given below. You can choose according to the need, availability and decor of your space.

A platform for everything – Floating shelves!



Floating shelves are the most popular and ideal for showcasing your the collection of your favourite souvenirs, arts and framed photos, books, potted mini house plants, accessories and anything that inspires you and worth limelight. One spot for all! Isn’t it? Just keep in mind the function and flow while creating the space and you are good to go.

Eye-catching wall boxes



For me wall boxes are the most elegant ones. I just love how beautifully it appears on the wall, creating individual geometric pattern or by intersecting with each other. They are easy to build and causes less damage to the wall. You just need to hang them properly on the wall.

Long and short display rails


Mix of different lengths of open wall shelves enhances the feature of a space by providing uneven pattern to it. Perfect to showcase your collection of arts and show pieces. Acts as a functional storage for books and magazines too!

Narrow shelves to create gallery a wall

Narrow shelves for gallery wall-8 cool wall shelves to revamp your homeSource

A gallery is one of the most easiest and affordable way to revamp any space of your home. Narrow shelves in the wall allows you to display huge collection of arts and framed photos and let you rearrange them instantly as often as you like.

Display those beautiful dishes on the wall painted plate rack


This plate rack is another interesting way to decorate your dining area wall with unique designs element – the dishes! Works as a storage for plates and trays too. Beautiful enough to grab the attention of your guests, isn’t it?

Wall spine with built-in lights


This vertical wall shelves made with pine boards is really a cool idea! The built-in lights of this stylish wall spine acts as a spotlight for your precious collectibles and artwork. The lower cases is a perfect to stack the piles of your favourite books. A must have wall shelf! 🙂 

Mini wall shelves for bathroom essentials

Wall shelves in bathroom to keep daily essentials handy - 8 cool wall shelves to revamp your homeSource


_floating shelf mini shelves for bathroom narrow wall shelves for gallery wall wall boxes wall mounted shelves wall rails wall shelves wall spine_8 Cool Wall Shelves to Revamp Your Home_Bathroom Bedroom Contemporary Decor Dining Room DIY Rooms Storage & ClosetsSource

Perfect to store daily bathroom essentials, at your arm’s stretch. Settle mini shelves in a recess wall of your bathroom and you are good to go. It enhances the feature of your bathroom too.

Shelves for the ignored corners


Use recessed wall for bookshelf and showcase of collective items - 8 cool wall shelves to revamp your homeSource

Why waste the leftover wall space of your house? Bring them in use by installing short shelves in the wall. Can be a great storage for small appliances and cookbooks in the kitchen and for dishes in the dining area. Fake built-in shelves on the recessed wall on either side of your bedroom’s wardrobe or fireplace in the living room can provide a great platform for book storage and showcase for your collection.


 Where do you have open wall shelves in your home? If not, are you inspired enough to incorporate one of the shelves above in your home? Tell us in the comments!  🙂

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Pillows for an Instant Makeover of Your Home

Deep down the heart, we all crave for changes from time to time. But, reupholstering the furnitures or painting the walls a different color is not a solution we can go for more often.
Want an instant makeover? No need to redo the entire space. Just add few decorative pillows to refresh your room in the most easiest and affordable way.
They can be both practical and stylish. Here are few things to keep in mind while picking up the right pillows for you to suit your style and comfort.

Consider size

Pillows-Instant Makeover-sizes

Standard square (about 18”) works well on sofas with typical dimension. For a more comfy and loungey feel use oversized pillows(about 24”). For a delicate side chairs go for smaller ones (about 16”).


Try texture

Pillows-Instant Makeover-Texture

For a visually interesting look you need to keep a mix of textures. Choose from various range of nubby linens, velvet and silk upholstery, leathers for a tactile contrast. Faux feather can be used for extra comfort.


Play with colors and patterns

Pillows-Instant Makeover-pattern

The mix of colors and patterns of the pillows helps you achieve a polished look. For a large sofa, two solid color pillows that contrasts the color of the sofa can be placed at the both ends. Pair each of them with pattern pillows that pulls the color of the sofa. If you are mixing patterns, make sure they have at least one common color and patterns should vary in scale so that each of them stand out on its own.

Choose your shapes

Pillows-Instant Makeover-Shape

Square, rectangle, round and bolster are the four basic types of pillow shapes. Squares provide full back body comfort while lounging. Rectangular supports the lower back or neck. Consider bolster for a leather sofa as they don’t slip down. Round shapes soften the sharp lines of sofas. Use large square pillows for puffy couch. But, you can always go for a mixture of two or three shapes to add variety to the space.

Number of pillows

Pillows-Instant Makeover-no of pillows

Add three or five decorative pillows on a large sofa. You can go for four as well for a symmetric look. For a small chair choose one pillow while a rocker or a love seat may get two. However, this is just a hint. You can always add multiple if you crave more comfy feel.

Go with the theme

Pillows-Instant Makeover-Traditional Theme

The theme of your room determines the choices of fabrics, colors, textures and patterns of throw pillows. For a classic setting pick up velvet, silk, ornamental and decorative throw pillows. Arrange a group of two different texture or patterns pillows for traditional look. For an eclectic look you can have each pillow in different fabric. Contemporary design prefer limited palette, large geometric prints, monochrome, or no prints at all. Fabrics such as cotton and linen is preferred and large pillows are spaced apart in modern theme.

Pillows are the easiest way complete the space and give that home-sweet-home feel.Stamp your personality onto the space by picking up right pillows that compliment your home decor.

Balcony Decor Styles for your Home

The warm weather when we can spend much time under the sun and air sipping coffee or enjoying meals is finally here. Spice up your small balcony decor to create a cozy and inviting outdoor space of your own as balcony may be the only outdoor space in city apartments where you can enjoy a natural environment, fresh air and sun without even leaving the apartment.

Here are some balcony decor styles to help you transform it into an awesome outdoor space for a warm and cozy relaxing retreat.

Feng Shui Style

 Feng shui designs accents the wood color. Wooden furnitures and flooring adds a cozy atmosphere to the balcony. Place wooden benches for sittings and lots of green plants in wooden flower boxes for refreshment.

Decor Styles for a Beautiful Balcony_fensui balcony 2

French Style balcony decor 

Wrought iron railings and many plants emphasises the french design. Stick to white paint on the walls and place classic wrought iron furnitures for sitting. Hang flower pots on the railings and lots of climbing plants throughout your balcony to achieve the look.

Decor Styles for a Beautiful Balcony_French Balcony

Contemporary Style

 Hanging plant planters save space making the decor look contemporary, stylish and more functional. Simple outdoor light and fixtures adds a contemporary flair and a welcoming look. Place bean bags and porch with decorative pillows for sittings. Elements like wind chimes gives a charming, natural and intimate retreat.

Decor Styles for a Beautiful Balcony_colorful contemperory

Vintage/Rustic Style

  Vintage or Rustic design allows flower boxes made of metals. Few sheet metal flower pot filled with multiple plants are placed in the balcony for a vintage look.

Sheet metal flower boxes for vintage balcony - balcony decor styles for your homesource

Scandinavian Style

 Interesting color combinations from blue, orange, neons and even red emphasize a Scandinavian decor. It allows freedom on changes of colors and plants. Hang colorful flower pots directly to the railings or arrange on a shelf. Colorful folding furnitures and bean bags with multicolored pillows are recommended for sitting.

Decor Styles for a Beautiful Balcony_Scandinavian balcony 1

Ideas on decorating balcony are endless. Let these proposals inspire you and help finding a suitable design that you can set up at home.

For a Cool yet Perky Hue, Paint your Bedroom Blue

Most home owners wish to create a peaceful retreat and escape from the outside world in their master bedrooms. While the right color can multiply the joys and peace then at the same time choosing the wrong shades for your bedroom can really be a spoil spot.
As the king of cool hues, blue is one of the more soothing colors on the spectrum and is perfect for the master bedroom.

Here are some cool tips to keep in mind if you are planning to paint your master bedroom blue:

1. Crispy Contrast

Navy blue or indigo painted with white can create a stunning and crisp contrast with more warmth.

Blue Interior - Crispy Contrast


2. Combined with Wooden Furnishing

Blue looks great with furnishing in a wide range of wooden tones.

Blue Interior - Blue & Rusty Wood

3. Deeper Shade for Traditional Bedroom

In a traditional bedroom, deeper shades of blue create a stately backdrop for antiques and classic furnishing, as well as artwork.

_blue interior Contemporary Bedroom Traditional Bedroom_For a Cool yet Perky Hue, Paint your Bedroom Blue_Bedroom Contemporary Eclectic Traditional

4. Perky Look

For a cheery look, choose a brighter shade and pair it with sunny yellow accents in lamps, trow pillows and window treatments.

Blue bedroom - perky

5. Brighter Shades for Contemporary Bedroom

In an eclectic or contemporary bedroom, choose a bright shade of blue and balance the look with window treatments and bed linens in white and gold tones.

Blue Interior - perky-yellow

6. Romantic Lavender

Consider grey with lavender undertones, for a look that is both comforting and romantic.

Blue Interior - Lavender romantic

7. Greater Height

Painting light blue on your ceiling gives the look of greater height.

Blue Interior - light blue

8. Spread the Bed Spreads on your Walls

If a bed spread or a comforter you love has blue in it, choose that shade for you walls. If it is a very dark shade of blue, paint just one wall, so the color doesn’t overwhelm the room.

Blue Bedroom- Bed to wall

If you haven’t considered blue for your bedroom, pick from the wide range of shades available. From “Pale Robin Egg” blue to Deep navy, there is sure to be a shade that suits your relaxing retreat and your decorating style.