Rugs-A Quick and Easy Makeover to the Bare Floors!

The decor of any room is incomplete if the floors are left untouched. Area rugs is considered as the soul of a room and can be a foundation of a beautiful place. Rugs are sure to give some flair to the bare floors. It can also add mood, warmth, character and comfort to a room.

Transform a bare floor into a warm and comfortable place to walk on by rolling out area rugs in each room. Consider the following tips and tricks while decorating groundwork with area rugs.

Know the size

xtrayard_A Quick and Easy Makeover to the Bare Floors_Rug Size


Measure the width and length of the room and subtract 2 to 3 feet from each dimension to figure out the ideal rug size for a room. The area rug should be slightly smaller than the area covered by the furniture. Make sure the front two legs of each furniture sit on the rug.

Choose rugs according to lifestyle

xtrayard_A Quick and Easy Makeover to the Bare Floors_Family Friendly


Keep your lifestyle in mind while purchasing the area rug. Children and pets can bring a quick wear and tear to an area rug. Use family friendly wool rugs that can be cleaned easily and have engage patterns to hide stains, shedding, hairs etc.

Pad it underneath

xtrayard_A Quick and Easy Makeover to the Bare Floors_Pad it underneath


Use a non-skid or polypropylene rug pad underneath to keep the rug in place. The rug pad should be 2 inches smaller than the rug to allow the rug ends to lay flat.

Invest in quality

xtrayard_A Quick and Easy Makeover to the Bare Floors_Invest in quality


Wool rugs are the softest and has richest color but, are the most expensive kind. If wool rugs doesn’t fit in your budget, try nylon or a synthetic blend for a similar durability and look. Natural materials such as jute and sea grass are affordable but can feel scratchy.

Bold colors and patterns

xtrayard_A Quick and Easy Makeover to the Bare Floors_Bold patterned rugs


Allow a bold patterned and rich color area rug to take center stage in a room against white or neutral  walls, floor and furnitures. It is a nice way to add color and warmth to a room. Add neutral color rug to tone down a space with colorful walls and furnishing.

Consider shapes and sizes

xtrayard_A Quick and Easy Makeover to the Bare Floors_Consider shapes and sizes

The shape of the area rug depends on the shape and size of the furniture and room. In a dining room, rectangular rug is used with a long table, hexagonal rug with a square table and a round rug with a round table. Rectangular bathroom rug is used in bathrooms.

Add comfort

xtrayard_A Quick and Easy Makeover to the Bare Floors_Add comfort

Living Room is the most crucial space to add area rugs because most time with family and friends are spent here. Area rug adds instant comfort and sound deadening to the space. Area rugs in bedroom accentuate warmth and tranquility. Say goodbye to cold feet by inserting a rug under a bed to avoid hopping onto a cold floor.

Rugs are a great way to complete a space and make it more welcoming. Do not limit your space to just one rug. Be inspired by a wide range of interesting area rugs, ranging from elegant persian to plain border, traditional to eclectic.


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