8 Cool Wall Shelves to Revamp Your Home

Many things at our home are too beautiful to be hidden behind the closed doors. If displayed, these items can instantly update a barren space with their color, texture, patterns, energy etc. Why not incorporate open wall shelves at home to display your possession? Wall shelves are one of the most easy and usually inexpensive ways that not only add decorating element to the space, but also help you keep your home organised.

Revamp your home with few of the wall shelving ideas given below. You can choose according to the need, availability and decor of your space.

A platform for everything – Floating shelves!



Floating shelves are the most popular and ideal for showcasing your the collection of your favourite souvenirs, arts and framed photos, books, potted mini house plants, accessories and anything that inspires you and worth limelight. One spot for all! Isn’t it? Just keep in mind the function and flow while creating the space and you are good to go.

Eye-catching wall boxes



For me wall boxes are the most elegant ones. I just love how beautifully it appears on the wall, creating individual geometric pattern or by intersecting with each other. They are easy to build and causes less damage to the wall. You just need to hang them properly on the wall.

Long and short display rails


Mix of different lengths of open wall shelves enhances the feature of a space by providing uneven pattern to it. Perfect to showcase your collection of arts and show pieces. Acts as a functional storage for books and magazines too!

Narrow shelves to create gallery a wall

Narrow shelves for gallery wall-8 cool wall shelves to revamp your homeSource

A gallery is one of the most easiest and affordable way to revamp any space of your home. Narrow shelves in the wall allows you to display huge collection of arts and framed photos and let you rearrange them instantly as often as you like.

Display those beautiful dishes on the wall painted plate rack


This plate rack is another interesting way to decorate your dining area wall with unique designs element – the dishes! Works as a storage for plates and trays too. Beautiful enough to grab the attention of your guests, isn’t it?

Wall spine with built-in lights


This vertical wall shelves made with pine boards is really a cool idea! The built-in lights of this stylish wall spine acts as a spotlight for your precious collectibles and artwork. The lower cases is a perfect to stack the piles of your favourite books. A must have wall shelf! 🙂 

Mini wall shelves for bathroom essentials

Wall shelves in bathroom to keep daily essentials handy - 8 cool wall shelves to revamp your homeSource


_floating shelf mini shelves for bathroom narrow wall shelves for gallery wall wall boxes wall mounted shelves wall rails wall shelves wall spine_8 Cool Wall Shelves to Revamp Your Home_Bathroom Bedroom Contemporary Decor Dining Room DIY Rooms Storage & ClosetsSource

Perfect to store daily bathroom essentials, at your arm’s stretch. Settle mini shelves in a recess wall of your bathroom and you are good to go. It enhances the feature of your bathroom too.

Shelves for the ignored corners


Use recessed wall for bookshelf and showcase of collective items - 8 cool wall shelves to revamp your homeSource

Why waste the leftover wall space of your house? Bring them in use by installing short shelves in the wall. Can be a great storage for small appliances and cookbooks in the kitchen and for dishes in the dining area. Fake built-in shelves on the recessed wall on either side of your bedroom’s wardrobe or fireplace in the living room can provide a great platform for book storage and showcase for your collection.


 Where do you have open wall shelves in your home? If not, are you inspired enough to incorporate one of the shelves above in your home? Tell us in the comments!  🙂

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Stash in Style: Bedroom Storage Solutions

Your bedroom should be untouched by your life’s chaos, as it’s the place for you to relax and unwind. But most of the times, it’s easier said than done and that inevitable pile of dirty clothes and overstuffed closet slyly make their space in your bedroom. Surprisingly, after a period of time you realise that the unwanted stuff has started taking charge of your room making it less yours.

The solution is simple – you need a makeover for your bedroom storage space. Here’s are some storage ideas which will help you store your stuff comfortably:

Stack it under the bed

If you follow Feng Shui then you might cringe at the idea of putting anything under the bed but believe us this is the smartest and most comfortable way to create storage space in your tiny bedroom. If you don’t have a bed with storage  then you can probably raise your bed in height and create some storage space and hide it using a bed skirt. The other option is to buy a new bed with a storage. You ca choose a stylish bed on IKEA, give your room a new look completely. Alternatively, you can also buy some bed storage options.

Bedroom Storage IKEA - Stack it under the bed



Maximise your closet

When planning your bedroom closet analyse what you are planning to keep there. It is easier to create shelf units but very difficult to change the hanging space. So, know your stuff before choosing a closet. You can browse through a range of closet ideas from IKEA here.

Bedroom Storage IKEA - Maximise your closet



Organise your dresser

Use dividers and drawers to create more storage space in your dresser. It is important to stash your everyday stuff in your dresser, hence use it wisely. Consider packing out-of-season stuff for more bedroom storage space. Here are some great dressing table options that allow you to store stuff.

Bedroom Storage - Organise your dresser


Head towards high ceiling

The floor space in your bedroom is limited, so once you have maximised its use think of using the walls. You can create some deep storage space above your head. Opt for tall but narrow cabinets if your room is very small. This will create more bedroom storage space and will give it a less cluttered and more comfortable feel. You can choose from some of these storage systems, here.


Bedroom Storage IKEA - Head towards high ceilingSource

These are some ideas to increase the bedroom storage space. A little makeover can do wonders and convert your bedroom into a haven from all those life’s chaos.

Don’t forget to share your secret bedroom storage space ideas with us.

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Wash In Style- Small Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home

So you have a teeny tiny bathroom and you need to accessorize it so that it looks dreamy. Bathrooms are a place where we rejuvenate ourselves, indulge in some deep thinking and maybe even shake a leg or two while humming our favorite song. And for this very reason, one needs to apply the best of bathroom ideas and we tell you how!

  1. Add storage to your bathroom

Ditch large cabinets, and keep your vibrant and subtle texture towels in open shelves. This will not only eliminate the need to put unwanted furniture pieces in your washroom but will also add a touch of colors to your otherwise, monochromatic washroom. Go for floating shelves and enhance the fashion quotient of your washroom. The storage ladders too add quirkiness and are best to store containers. Stack some wooden crates and drill them to the wall for accessible storage and saving space.

add storage


  1. Bathroom decor-Palette planning is essential

You want to paint your washroom but you don’t want it to look dingy? Keep it simple! Use neutral colors for your washroom so that it gives an aesthetically pleasing and fresh feeling. If you want to play around, use textures and patterns in neutral tones. Unleash the creative side in you but remember the more you use white in your palette, the more spacious and clean your washroom will look.

Palette planning


  1. Ditch the tub for your bathroom

In today’s times, everyone is so up on their toes, that all they need is a good walk-in shower. Save your bathroom space, by ditching the traditional bath tub. Stretch across a bathroom’s rear (and shortest wall) and create a spacious walk-in shower. Marble walls and tiled flooring with the shower create the perception of a larger space.

Ditch the tub


  1. Glorious bathroom- Invite in light

Light is important to make your bathroom look spacious, so position your walk in shower in such a way that it is near a window or under the skylight. Bask the sunbeams or gaze at the shining stars for a heavenly effect. The glass door will allow the natural light to flow in and out the shower.

invite in light


  1. Increasing bathroom space-Adjacent tricks

If you really want to have a bath tub and walk in shower together then put them adjacent to each other by aligning them to the bathroom’s longest wall. By placing the tub against the knee wall of the walk in shower, the opposite wall is left vacant for bathroom fittings.

go long


 Did you find these ideas useful? Let us know what all you are going to try!


DIY Tips To Make Your Bedroom More Spacious And Comfy!

After a long tiring day at work, the home is a perfect getaway to rejuvenate yourself and your bed is no less than a heavenly abode. With the size of the apartments shrinking according to the financial constraints, we give you some tips on making your bedroom more spacious and pleasing. All you need to do is put in some muscle strength, time and energy without actually burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Go the stackable way for spacious bedrooms

Use a multi-function piece of furniture- here stackable beds which optimize the floor space and increase mobility in the room. The storage space gets efficiently utilized as you can stack the double bed into one and use the space for playing and trying clothes in your bedroom.

stackable bed for saving space


 2. Platform shelves to decorate your bedroom

So you have space constraint, why not create platform shelves to store the things and decorate it your way? Put up books, alarm clock, other electronics and photo frames to quirk up the room. With platforms, you can also slide your bed underneath and increase the walking space.

Platform shelf for small rooms


3. For your bedroom wall mount the storage

Stack all your stuff in shelves which mount the walls of your bedroom right up to the ceiling. Not only this will keep your things well organized with plenty of storage space to keep all the items separate, but will also make your room appear large. Don’t put bedside tables to place your lamps, books and lights, wall mount them all!

Wall mounted storage


4. Go for the lighter shades for your bedroom walls

Lighter shades on the wall not only make your bedroom look more radiant and compensate for the lack of sunlight but they also help in perceiving the room as spacious. If you prefer darker shades for your bedroom, contrast them with brighter linens or curtains to balance the look. Use white, dove greys, creams to paint your walls and soothe your eyes.

light interiors


 5. Pattern the look of your bedroom

Use patterns in unison at more than one place to decorate your room. It can be in the form of wallpapers or furniture design or your bedsheets and curtains. Sticking to patterns not only breaks the monotony but also helps in achieving the right balance for your bedroom which makes it look more spacious than ever. Keep it simple and avoid over doing it.

Patterns for wallpaper


6. De-clutter your sleeping space

Bedrooms are meant for relaxing and disconnecting from the humdrum of life. Go for minimalism and don’t clutter your bedroom space with unnecessary furniture, computer tables, washing baskets or ironing table and stay happy with your bed and bedside table.

Minimal bedroom



7. Use mirrors to increase space of your bedroom

Yes, you heard it right. Use mirrors to create optical illusion in your tiny bedroom and make it appear spacious. The trick is to place the mirrors facing each other on the opposite walls to make it look bigger and better. It creates a window like effect and also beautifies the appearance of your bedroom.

Mirrors increasing space


So what are you waiting for? Try these cool tips and make your home super spacious without refurbishing it!