Make your Outdoor Space Feel Like Home

How about having one more room in your home which can act like an evening or weekend getaway? Sounds amazing right! Well, utilizing your outdoor space becomes particularly more important when you call a small space as your home.

These outdoor spaces can be particularly used as a dining room, reading corner or relaxation space. Aren’t you always cribbing about not having enough space for these areas in your home? If yes, then follow these simple ideas and make that balcony, backyard or terrace feel like an extension of your home.

Define your outdoor room

Before you hit the road to shop for the decor, ask yourself what will be the purpose of this room? Whether you want to use it as a dining room or living room? Do you want it to be a space where you can relax under the sun or would you want to use for your morning cup of coffee? In short, define the purpose of the room.

Define your outdoor room


Uncover the problems

Every outdoor space comes with some issues like too much of sun light, lack of privacy or an ugly view. Try to find solutions to these problems and fix them first. There might be a possibility that your outdoor space doesn’t allow much change. In such a scenario, plants can do wonders if you know how to use them to your advantage.

Uncover the problems


Use attractive lighting

Attractive lighting has the capability to completely transform your outdoor patio. It can work wonders if you are looking at creating a small party area in the outdoor space.

Use attractive lighting


Layer your furniture

Your outdoor room isn’t different from the indoor space. Just like your indoor rooms adding layers to the outdoor furniture can add colour and comfort to the space. For instance, adding the right cushions to your outdoor benches will ultimately make you want to sit on them. Keep on adding the layers gradually. Don’t think about making it right in the first time. Take your time!

Layer your furniture


Add natural touches and soft furnishings

Never ignore the fact that your outdoor room is actually outside, so make sure to add the natural touch to your decor. Try to add baskets of flowers, containers and planters to your plan. Both, plants and soft furnishings add tenderness to the hard edges you might have outside. It is important to choose the right fabrics while choosing your outdoor furnishing. They require a lot of care and attention as they are exposed to changes in temperature, dirt and other unwanted things which might spoil their look.

Add natural touches and soft furnishings


Do try these easy steps and tell us in the comments how you changed the look of your outdoor space.

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Dress Up Your Front Door For An Inviting Entrance!

Front door is the very  first thing guests come across as they arrive. Unfortunately, many of us ignore the entrance door when it comes to decorating our home. How can one forget the importance of first impression? Entrance decoration is equally important to create an everlasting first impression on your guests.

Keep your front door spotless and decorate it few of the ideas given below, to make your entrance more welcoming and in inviting!

Leave your mark

Personalise your front door with stylish monograms! Use store-bought wooden initials of your ki name or you can make one at home too. Stain them in a paint that compliment your door color. Nail the initials on the door or stick them with adhesive. You can hang initials from wide satin ribbons too, each tied up in a bow to make your entrance more appealing.

Monograms to decorate your front door - Dress Up Your Front Door For An Inviting Entrancesource 

Make your front door friendly with bright colors

Nothing can be more warm and welcoming than a brightly painted  entrance door. So, if you are looking for ideas to make your entrance more stylish and friendly, this one is the most easiest way. Turn your ordinary door into warm and inviting entrance by painting them in bright hues like red, pink, sunshine yellow, traditional eggshell and more. In Feng Shui, a red front door means “welcome”. 🙂

Bright color for more inviting front door- Dress Up Your Front Door For An Inviting Entrancesource 

Creative wreaths for a more welcoming entrance

Dress up your front door with beautiful seasonal wreaths to draw attention of your guests to the door as they arrive! Simple and elegant, wreath is an easy and affordable way to make a warm and inviting entrance. Choose from a wide range of wreaths available, according to the occasion, door design and color.

Seasonal wreath to decorate your front door - Dress Up Your Front Door For An Inviting Entrancesource

Play around with the plants

Welcome your guests with simple and soothing naturals. Place large pots of leafy and beautiful flowering houseplants on both sides of the entrance door. Aromatic potted plants on the front door can make your entrance refreshing and inviting! 😉 You can spend lil penny on large custom, crafted, colored pots or boxwood containers to add color, texture, character and height next to your door. It adds aesthetic appeal to the space too!


Decorative display

The front door surely deserve a decorative display if it’s a farmhouse, a villa or a kothi. My personal favourite is wind chimes and lanterns with candles near the front door. Decorate with various other decorative ornaments like terracotta masks, antiques, large sea shells, rarely found stones and many more. You can create something of your own and showoff at the entrance too! 🙂

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How do you decorate your front doors? Share your unique ideas and creativity with us in the comments below! 🙂 

Tips to Set Up a Lip Smacking Barbeque at Home

The cold and festive season of the year is finally here. While many prefer enjoying the city life, clubbing and partying, some of us prefer inviting friends and family at home to celebrate the season together. What can be better than inviting your dear ones for a warm and cozy barbeque at home to enjoy the festivity?

Here are few tips to keep in mind if you are planning to set up a barbeque at your apartment:

Placing a barbeque

xtrayard-Placing the barbeque-featured

Being the only outdoor space in city apartments, balcony is the most appropriate area to set up. Keeping in mind the apartment covenants, get a nice barbeque that will fit in your space. Place it opposite to the entry and exit door if possible, so that you can easily rush to the kitchen in a few steps whenever needed.

Add on extra lights

xtrayard-barbeque-add extra light

Most of the times, it lasts till evening. Be sure that you can see well what you are cooking. Balcony lights and fixtures may not be enough. You can use outdoor floor lamps or a battery powered lamp.

Arrange for sitting space


You’ll want to sit and talk about office, play games, discuss fashion and other topics while enjoying the smoky barbeque. Add few stools around it, so that you can enjoy the fun conversation with your guests in the cozy, aromatic ambiance.

Keep drinks handy

xtrayard-barbeque-Keep drinks handy

If your covenant permits, consider a small outdoor refrigerator to keep drinks, spices, sauces and barbeque essentials cold and fresh. You can also use it as a little counter-top, where you can add a cutting board on top of it. Cooler is a good alternative, if you are unable to arrange a fridge.

Hope these tips help you set an amazing barbeque. May your guests have a great time and get inspired. Enjoy the festivity with a lip-smacking barbeque.

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Balcony Decor Styles for your Home

The warm weather when we can spend much time under the sun and air sipping coffee or enjoying meals is finally here. Spice up your small balcony decor to create a cozy and inviting outdoor space of your own as balcony may be the only outdoor space in city apartments where you can enjoy a natural environment, fresh air and sun without even leaving the apartment.

Here are some balcony decor styles to help you transform it into an awesome outdoor space for a warm and cozy relaxing retreat.

Feng Shui Style

 Feng shui designs accents the wood color. Wooden furnitures and flooring adds a cozy atmosphere to the balcony. Place wooden benches for sittings and lots of green plants in wooden flower boxes for refreshment.

Decor Styles for a Beautiful Balcony_fensui balcony 2

French Style balcony decor 

Wrought iron railings and many plants emphasises the french design. Stick to white paint on the walls and place classic wrought iron furnitures for sitting. Hang flower pots on the railings and lots of climbing plants throughout your balcony to achieve the look.

Decor Styles for a Beautiful Balcony_French Balcony

Contemporary Style

 Hanging plant planters save space making the decor look contemporary, stylish and more functional. Simple outdoor light and fixtures adds a contemporary flair and a welcoming look. Place bean bags and porch with decorative pillows for sittings. Elements like wind chimes gives a charming, natural and intimate retreat.

Decor Styles for a Beautiful Balcony_colorful contemperory

Vintage/Rustic Style

  Vintage or Rustic design allows flower boxes made of metals. Few sheet metal flower pot filled with multiple plants are placed in the balcony for a vintage look.

Sheet metal flower boxes for vintage balcony - balcony decor styles for your homesource

Scandinavian Style

 Interesting color combinations from blue, orange, neons and even red emphasize a Scandinavian decor. It allows freedom on changes of colors and plants. Hang colorful flower pots directly to the railings or arrange on a shelf. Colorful folding furnitures and bean bags with multicolored pillows are recommended for sitting.

Decor Styles for a Beautiful Balcony_Scandinavian balcony 1

Ideas on decorating balcony are endless. Let these proposals inspire you and help finding a suitable design that you can set up at home.