Wall Decor – Fun & Inexpensive DIYs!

Interesting wall decor has become an essential of a fabulous home interior. Bored of your dull walls? With little extra than just paints, a wall can take entire new look. Add wows to your walls with little imagination and creativity.
Here are few wall decor ideas to help you transform your lifeless walls. The best part is they are all easy and inexpensive DIYs.


Patchwork wall decor

Can’t decide on single print of wallpaper? Go for a mix of two or three and create a pattern on the wall. Make sure the prints you pick, complement each other. Patchwork is an easy and inexpensive way to add texture and style to a wall.

Bold graphic wallpaper

Want your cold walls to pop out and grab attention? Graphic wallpaper is a perfect wall decor solution for you. It is ideal to punch up one single wall. Choose from a range of bold graphic prints to let your wall stand out from the rest.

Fun decoupage

Feeling more creative? Decorate your bare wall with this easy and inexpensive DIY decoupage wall art. Options are endless with this wall decor art. Create your own design. All you need is some scrapbook paper or printouts and some glue.

Trendy wall lettering

No idea what to do with your boring wall? Fresh and trendy DIY letter art for wall decor made easy for the beginners. Paint the wall a bright color. Glue cut out letters to create names, phrases or unique shapes to achieve an effortless personalised wall art.

Easy to do stencils

Be a pro with the easy DIY stencil wall decor art. All you need is some basic tools, bright colors, little technique and patience of course! Color coordinate rest of the room with accessories to add style and elegance to the space.

Warm wood accent

Woods are no longer restricted to offices and studies. Transform a cold and boring room into a warm and cozy space. Cover a single wall with wood panels for an inviting, masculine space. Complete the look by adding unique artworks.

Decorative dishes

There’s a couple of mismatched plates at your kitchen. And they are too beautiful to throw? Reuse these plates for an outstanding wall decor. Make sure the wall color complement all the dishes for an elegant and polished look. 

Mismatched frames

Bring in together all your mismatched frames of different shapes, sizes and texture on one wall. Paint all the frames a single color against the color of the wall to pop out. Have fun with mixing and layering the frames to create an eye-catching trendy wall decor.

Versatile Magnetic paint

Yes you have heard it right! There’s a paint which is both fashionable and practical. Paint your wall with the magnetic paint. Hang pictures, notes and photos to create a memory wall which can be both decorative and inspiring.

Chalkboard counter

This unique chalkboard idea is a great way to stay organised. All you need is a can of chalkboard paint and chalks of course to write down your schedule.
Ideas of wall decor are endless. Write to us how these few DIY ideas inspired you to add life to your dull walls. Share your own ideas too!

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Cook your kitchen according to your taste

Good food and a warm kitchen are what make a house a home. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and sure you don’t want to compromise on this one. The biggest challenge with having a small kitchen is that you can’t do away with anything – can you keep your
stove somewhere else?
So here are some DIY hacks that can help you cook your kitchen just the way you want it:

Magnetic spice racks

You can create some super easy magnetic spice racks to save a lot of space. In fact creating these racks under your kitchen is a better idea. All you need is some stuff that might already be lying around in your home. Just fix a magnetic sheet with your cabinet and hang your jars using strong magnets like this;

Magnetic spice racks


Create racks using magazine holders

Screw some of your magazine holders inside your cabinet doors and you have a new storage space for your cutting boards, lids and anything that can fit in.

Create racks using magazine holders


Add a pegboard to your kitchen wall

Inexpensive pegboards can create a lot of space for you to hang some of your utensils. You can add some hooks and magnets to the board and hang your pots, pans and knives.

Add a pegboard to your kitchen wall


Use and throw containers

Create these super easy and extremely useful containers by recycling some waste plastic bottles.

Use and throw containers


The secret sauce here is to add all the ingredients according to taste and we are sure the results will be amazing.
So what hacks are you using to manage in a small kitchen. Eager to hear about your sizzling small kitchen. Do share in the comments!
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