Wall Decor – Fun & Inexpensive DIYs!

Interesting wall decor has become an essential of a fabulous home interior. Bored of your dull walls? With little extra than just paints, a wall can take entire new look. Add wows to your walls with little imagination and creativity.
Here are few wall decor ideas to help you transform your lifeless walls. The best part is they are all easy and inexpensive DIYs.


Patchwork wall decor

Can’t decide on single print of wallpaper? Go for a mix of two or three and create a pattern on the wall. Make sure the prints you pick, complement each other. Patchwork is an easy and inexpensive way to add texture and style to a wall.

Bold graphic wallpaper

Want your cold walls to pop out and grab attention? Graphic wallpaper is a perfect wall decor solution for you. It is ideal to punch up one single wall. Choose from a range of bold graphic prints to let your wall stand out from the rest.

Fun decoupage

Feeling more creative? Decorate your bare wall with this easy and inexpensive DIY decoupage wall art. Options are endless with this wall decor art. Create your own design. All you need is some scrapbook paper or printouts and some glue.

Trendy wall lettering

No idea what to do with your boring wall? Fresh and trendy DIY letter art for wall decor made easy for the beginners. Paint the wall a bright color. Glue cut out letters to create names, phrases or unique shapes to achieve an effortless personalised wall art.

Easy to do stencils

Be a pro with the easy DIY stencil wall decor art. All you need is some basic tools, bright colors, little technique and patience of course! Color coordinate rest of the room with accessories to add style and elegance to the space.

Warm wood accent

Woods are no longer restricted to offices and studies. Transform a cold and boring room into a warm and cozy space. Cover a single wall with wood panels for an inviting, masculine space. Complete the look by adding unique artworks.

Decorative dishes

There’s a couple of mismatched plates at your kitchen. And they are too beautiful to throw? Reuse these plates for an outstanding wall decor. Make sure the wall color complement all the dishes for an elegant and polished look. 

Mismatched frames

Bring in together all your mismatched frames of different shapes, sizes and texture on one wall. Paint all the frames a single color against the color of the wall to pop out. Have fun with mixing and layering the frames to create an eye-catching trendy wall decor.

Versatile Magnetic paint

Yes you have heard it right! There’s a paint which is both fashionable and practical. Paint your wall with the magnetic paint. Hang pictures, notes and photos to create a memory wall which can be both decorative and inspiring.

Chalkboard counter

This unique chalkboard idea is a great way to stay organised. All you need is a can of chalkboard paint and chalks of course to write down your schedule.
Ideas of wall decor are endless. Write to us how these few DIY ideas inspired you to add life to your dull walls. Share your own ideas too!

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Decor Ideas for an Inspiring Home Office

In an era when time can be actually converted into money, a home office has become a trend and a necessity. While working from home has its own perks yet being productive in an unofficial home office can be really challenging.

Follow these few tips and create an inspiring, comfortable and dedicated home office to help you stay focused and planted at your desk.

Paint the walls to inspire

Although each color has it’s own psychological effect on humans, there’s no strict rule of painting certain spaces. Different tones and shades impact differently from person to person. Choose a color you love and which inspires you the most. Use it on the walls of your cubicle or home office to help you stay efficient and inspired for hours at work.



Treat yourself with a great chair

 You are likely to spend hours in office, parked in your office chair. An uncomfortable chair can refrain you from working efficiently. It’s worth spending on a beautiful, comfortable, ergonomically correct office chair to keep you moving.



Give yourself an eye-pleasing view

Staring at the computer screen for hours can be strenuous to eyes. Position the workstation where you can stare at something more interesting when you glance away from the computer. Natural light from the window is ideal for de-stressing your eyes or you can position the chair to face the door.



Create mood board to stay inspired

 Create a mood board on the windowless wall right in front of your desk to provide a visual interest to the straining eyes. Hang your favourite magazine tears, arts, fabrics, pretty pictures of family or anything that is inspiring to you.



Add homey accessories to lighten up your home office

Enhance the comfort of your home office by adding few home accessories like trendy note pads and sticky notes, pretty mugs or a mason jar as pencil holder and a decorative basket to dump the office waste. It helps to lighten the mood and add texture and style to the space.

xtrayard-Add homey accessories to lighten up your home office

Add natural elements to the home office

Bring life to your home office with nature. Add indoor plants to the space for an earthy, refreshing environment to boost your efficiency and let you stay planted at your desk for hours.



Create a mini gallery wall

A gallery wall is not necessarily a huge collection of art pieces on display. You can create a mini gallery wall with just 3 to 4 pieces of inspirational arts, classic paintings or even framed photos of your family for a stylish yet impactful section in your small home office. Keep on changing the art pieces on display according to seasonal inspiration for a refreshing look.



 Let these ideas inspire you to create a beautiful workable home office. Share your own ideas and inspirations too!

Quick Tips to Declutter your Small Home Office

Home office is that functional yet comforting space where you spend most hours working. Many of us end up making the space unintentionally a mess with files, papers, magazines, stationery and other office utilities scattered on the work desk and all over the space.

Get a control over the clutter before it takes over the space, making it unenthusiastic and uninspiring. Declutter your home office with these easy tips for a clean and inspiring workspace.

Hide unwanted wires

Electrical wires and cords often become a tangled mess that ruin the overall look of your office desk. There’s nothing much you can do, but hide them. Declutter your desk by encasing cords in a pretty fabric cord cover or hide them by storing the cords in a small stylish storage container.

Quick Tips to Declutter Small Home Office - Hide Unwanted Wires


Organise your stationery

Scattered stationery on the work desk can be really annoying. Put all your stationery in attractive mugs or in mason jars right on your desk. It not only gives you a neat organized look but also helps you keep the items you need at your arm’s stretch.

Quick Tips to Declutter Small Home Office - Organise your stationery


Create a storage for small desk items

There are many small desk items such as stickies, stapler, hole puncher, labeler, glue etc. Keeping all these small items out of sight will give your office an organised look. Create small sections in a large drawer with drawer dividers to provide storage space to keep these small desk items organized.

Quick Tips to Declutter Small Home Office - Create Storage for Small Desk Items


Create storage on Home office walls

When it comes to creating storage, we often forget the spacious walls. Create a book spine on your small home office wall to stack books, magazines and files. An easy-to-build shelf helps to keep the magazines and files in proximity.  This lets you declutter the desk.

Quick Tips to Declutter Small Home Office - Create Storage on Walls


Belt them up

Your home office is loaded with piles of favourite magazines on the floor, shelves and even on the desk. This makes the space look messy and cluttered. But, you can’t throw them? Here’s an easy DIY storage solution for you. Take out your stylish belts you don’t use anymore and wrap stacks of not much needed magazines with them. Keep these stylish stacks at display in lonely corners of the room, giving the space a neat look and a decorative touch.

Quick Tips to Declutter Small Home Office - Belt Them Up


Declutter your home office to create a more productive workspace. Share your tips and ideas of a clutter free home office too!

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