Bring the Bling In! Touch Of Gold For Your Home Decor

Everything that glitters in your home can be gold! Yes, here we are to talk about adding the ever classy gold in your home decor. Little bit of bling in a home interior (furnitures, soft furnishes, accessories) of neutral shades can instantly dazzle up the entire space, making it look classic and extravagant. You can use little touch of gold in colorful interior as well.

Below are the various ways of bringing in the bling in your home decor. Let’s have a look at them.


1. Let your gallery wall stand out and shine 

We all know by now that the most common and easy way to decorate your home is to create a gallery wall, right? How about adding lil shimmer to the wall as well. Go for golden photo frames. Let your gallery wall shine and grab as much attention of your friends, family and you.pinkandlimesource 

2.  Stain your favourite piece of furniture in gold

Furniture with golden base are very much in trend nowadays. Do not feel low if you can’t afford to replace your furnitures for now. Glam up your old furniture with the touch of gold with just a can of golden spray paint. Spray paint the legs of your coffee table, stools, old console, dining table and chairs etc. in gold and let your home sparkle. But, do not overdo. Go for just one or two furniture for a refreshing contemporary look.Golden leg stool for gold accent home decor - Bring The Bling In! Touch of Gold For Your Home Decorsource Golden framed coffee table for gold accent home decor- Bring The Bling In! Touch of Gold For Your Home Decorsource 

3. Throw some shimmery golden cushions for instant bling 

If you don’t want to overdo or make much effort on adding gold to your home decor, we have the most easy and instant way for you. Just squeeze in some shimmery, golden cushions and throw pillows with the rest on the lounge or bed and you are done. Too simple, isn’t it?!Golden cushions to add Bling to home decor- Bring The Bling In! Touch of Gold For Your Home Decorsource 

4. Pick up some of those sparkling golden accessories 

The best way to add lil bling to your home decor without much effort is to add golden accessories. Golden miniatures, artifacts, vases, golden plated candles etc. are some of the easy available items you can add to the space.Do not overfill the space with too much of these accessories. Keep it less and classy.unnamedsource m_5b669eec7ce4source 

5. Dazzle up with golden framed starburst mirrors

Undoubtedly, mirrors are a great way to enhance your home decor. Starburst mirrors with customised golden frames against black, white, grey, blue, red and almost every color wall will surely raise the style quotient of your home.Gold framed mirror for golden accent home decor- Bring The Bling In! Touch of Gold For Your Home Decorsource 

6. Illuminate your home  with touches of gold

Let your home sparkle against the lights by staining the lamp stands and chandeliers in ever shimmery gold. You can buy golden accent lamps, candle stands, chandeliers or you can do-it-yourself with just a can of golden spray paint.

Inspiring enough huh?! ☺How are you gonna add the ever sparkling gold in your home decor? Share with us in the comments below! 🙂


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Make your Outdoor Space Feel Like Home

How about having one more room in your home which can act like an evening or weekend getaway? Sounds amazing right! Well, utilizing your outdoor space becomes particularly more important when you call a small space as your home.

These outdoor spaces can be particularly used as a dining room, reading corner or relaxation space. Aren’t you always cribbing about not having enough space for these areas in your home? If yes, then follow these simple ideas and make that balcony, backyard or terrace feel like an extension of your home.

Define your outdoor room

Before you hit the road to shop for the decor, ask yourself what will be the purpose of this room? Whether you want to use it as a dining room or living room? Do you want it to be a space where you can relax under the sun or would you want to use for your morning cup of coffee? In short, define the purpose of the room.

Define your outdoor room


Uncover the problems

Every outdoor space comes with some issues like too much of sun light, lack of privacy or an ugly view. Try to find solutions to these problems and fix them first. There might be a possibility that your outdoor space doesn’t allow much change. In such a scenario, plants can do wonders if you know how to use them to your advantage.

Uncover the problems


Use attractive lighting

Attractive lighting has the capability to completely transform your outdoor patio. It can work wonders if you are looking at creating a small party area in the outdoor space.

Use attractive lighting


Layer your furniture

Your outdoor room isn’t different from the indoor space. Just like your indoor rooms adding layers to the outdoor furniture can add colour and comfort to the space. For instance, adding the right cushions to your outdoor benches will ultimately make you want to sit on them. Keep on adding the layers gradually. Don’t think about making it right in the first time. Take your time!

Layer your furniture


Add natural touches and soft furnishings

Never ignore the fact that your outdoor room is actually outside, so make sure to add the natural touch to your decor. Try to add baskets of flowers, containers and planters to your plan. Both, plants and soft furnishings add tenderness to the hard edges you might have outside. It is important to choose the right fabrics while choosing your outdoor furnishing. They require a lot of care and attention as they are exposed to changes in temperature, dirt and other unwanted things which might spoil their look.

Add natural touches and soft furnishings


Do try these easy steps and tell us in the comments how you changed the look of your outdoor space.

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Save Some Penny With The Budget Friendly Decor Ideas For Your Home

Home decoration is not much influenced by price tags. Even something inexpensive becomes a splendid decoration if used smartly in an unusual and original way. Budget friendly low cost decoration not only saves your penny, but also gives a space personal feel, making your home more cozy and inviting!

If you are one of those who don’t like to spend much on home decor yet seeks a well decorated home, here are few budget friendly decor ideas for you. Let’s take a look!

Priceless family gallery wall

Family Gallery wall for low budget decor - Save some penny with budget friendly decor ideas for your homesource

The most easy and popular decor element is at top in the list – The Gallery Wall! You don’t need to display those costly arts of some famous artists when you are looking for a budget friendly decor. Nothing can beat the family photos. Create a family gallery wall by displaying pictures of everyone in the family. It’s priceless!

Go bold with colors

images (15)source

Color is the most effective and simple way to revamp any space. If you want your home to be more dynamic and vibrant, opt for bold colors. Mix different shades and use different patterns and textures to make the space stand out. Strip, swirl, wave! 

Artistic framed mirrors



Mirror is the most versatile and inexpensive decor solution. You can use them in almost any space of the house. To add an artistic feel to the space, go for framed mirrors. Choose from a variety of shapes, styles and design available. Framed mirrors can be an extravagant display piece.

Illuminate your decor with budget friendly candles

Candles for low budget decor - Save Some Penny with budget friendly decor ideas for your homesource

I just love decorating with candles! They look great when placed in group of four or five candles of different heights on a coffee table. Place them in a regular or irregular pattern on console, dining table, side table etc. The trick is – the larger the surface the larger candles should be. You can place them in glasses or mason jars too!

Add new life to the old ones

unnamed (5)source

The best way to add something fresh and new to a room is to repurpose an old piece of furniture instead of buying a new one. They will not only revamp a space, but will a personalised feel to the space. Show off your creative skills and don’t hesitate to experiment!

Inexpensive diy lanterns and lampshades

images (16)source

Another inexpensive way to dazzle your home in almost no cost is to create your own lanterns and lampshades by using the things laying around you. There are so many easy do-it-yourself solutions online to guide you. Make your home more cozy and inviting!

Show off your possession


What can be better than showing off what you already have, instead of buying new decorating items. Bring out your collection of decorative pieces, arts, souvenirs, antiques and anything you got that’s worth a limelight! Display them on wall shelves, console or even on mantel that you hardly use.

Display the dishes on wall


Turn a dull wall into the centre of attraction in almost no penny at all. A can of bold color is all you need to spend on. Bring out those mismatched yet beautiful plates that are no more in use. Allow them to enhance the decor of your space.

Bring in the soothing naturals

images (17)source

Don’t want to spend much on the empty corners of the house? Fill them with the not so expensive houseplants! Consider the number of plants and their sizes before placing them in different areas of the house. Houseplants not only works as a decorating element but are soothing to your eyes as well. 

Do you have a list of pocket friendly ideas to perk up your home decor? If not, which of the above ideas you  are going to implement in your home? Write to us! 🙂

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Dare your Design in These 4 Spots

Like shoes and red wine, most of the things have to be tried before you know whether you like them or not. The same thing goes with design. Isn’t it a lot of risk and expensive to paint your whole room red without knowing whether it will suit your style. Well, in that case here are some low risk spots where you can dare your design ideas.


We think it is the best spot for testing your design ideas because the area is small and you spend little time here. So, even if your experiment doesn’t work out still it won’t hurt your eyes or pocket.

Dare your Design: Bathroom



You are a lover of patterns and prints but you aren’t sure of how it will look on yor walls then dare your design idea in the closet first. If you like to look at it even after a while then you can consider it to be a safe bet.

Dare your Design: Closet


Guest room

This is certainly not your favourite room and you don’t have to stay here for longer hours. It would be okay to let your guests sleep with your daring design ideas. 😉

Dare your Design Guest Room


Room with windows

A room with lots of windows can also be a good spot in your home to test your design ideas. This is because natural light calms the eyes. Also, lots of windows mean that the wall space is less and hence you have to invest less on your experiment. Not to mention that if your daring design idea backfires, then there is less of it to hate.

Dare your design room with window


These spots can be used like a temporary tattoo. If you like the experiment even after a while then you can always get a permanent one etched. 🙂

Share with us how do you experiment with design and what is your secret to testing the crazy design ideas you have.

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Dress Up Your Front Door For An Inviting Entrance!

Front door is the very  first thing guests come across as they arrive. Unfortunately, many of us ignore the entrance door when it comes to decorating our home. How can one forget the importance of first impression? Entrance decoration is equally important to create an everlasting first impression on your guests.

Keep your front door spotless and decorate it few of the ideas given below, to make your entrance more welcoming and in inviting!

Leave your mark

Personalise your front door with stylish monograms! Use store-bought wooden initials of your ki name or you can make one at home too. Stain them in a paint that compliment your door color. Nail the initials on the door or stick them with adhesive. You can hang initials from wide satin ribbons too, each tied up in a bow to make your entrance more appealing.

Monograms to decorate your front door - Dress Up Your Front Door For An Inviting Entrancesource 

Make your front door friendly with bright colors

Nothing can be more warm and welcoming than a brightly painted  entrance door. So, if you are looking for ideas to make your entrance more stylish and friendly, this one is the most easiest way. Turn your ordinary door into warm and inviting entrance by painting them in bright hues like red, pink, sunshine yellow, traditional eggshell and more. In Feng Shui, a red front door means “welcome”. 🙂

Bright color for more inviting front door- Dress Up Your Front Door For An Inviting Entrancesource 

Creative wreaths for a more welcoming entrance

Dress up your front door with beautiful seasonal wreaths to draw attention of your guests to the door as they arrive! Simple and elegant, wreath is an easy and affordable way to make a warm and inviting entrance. Choose from a wide range of wreaths available, according to the occasion, door design and color.

Seasonal wreath to decorate your front door - Dress Up Your Front Door For An Inviting Entrancesource

Play around with the plants

Welcome your guests with simple and soothing naturals. Place large pots of leafy and beautiful flowering houseplants on both sides of the entrance door. Aromatic potted plants on the front door can make your entrance refreshing and inviting! 😉 You can spend lil penny on large custom, crafted, colored pots or boxwood containers to add color, texture, character and height next to your door. It adds aesthetic appeal to the space too!


Decorative display

The front door surely deserve a decorative display if it’s a farmhouse, a villa or a kothi. My personal favourite is wind chimes and lanterns with candles near the front door. Decorate with various other decorative ornaments like terracotta masks, antiques, large sea shells, rarely found stones and many more. You can create something of your own and showoff at the entrance too! 🙂

images (4)source 

How do you decorate your front doors? Share your unique ideas and creativity with us in the comments below! 🙂 

Summer Inspired Decor Ideas For Your Kid’s Bedroom

Not everyone can manage to take their family out on a trip for vacations everytime. If you are one of those staying back at home this summer and worried that your kids might get bored at home, don’t be! Make your lil ones summer vacation interesting by giving them a summer special bedroom decor treat.
Let’s have a look at some of the ideas below for inspiration. 

Do-it-yourself fruit sliced balloons

This summer, give your kid’s bedroom a fruity treat with the amazing Diy Fruit Sliced Balloons. They are so easy to make. Grab some colorful balloons and decorate with tissue papers and paint to make them look like slices of your favourite fruits. Make a mobile or just stick them on the wall. These balloons can be a subtle reminder for your child to eat fruits too!  😉

_floral mural Fruit sliced balloons fruity pillows Ice-cream theme kids bedroom watermelon theme decor_Summer Inspired Decor Ideas For Your Kids Bedroom_Bedroom Decor DIY Nursery & Kids Roomssource 

Lickilious Ice-cream summer decor

Young or old, we all love Ice-cream. Wouldn’t it be great to bring your kid’s favourite ice-cream flavour into his bedroom? Yes, ice-cream inspired theme decor is what we are talking about. Make ice-cream wall decal and bring them down to the bed with ice-cream printed bedspreads, cushion covers and plush pillows. Spread Ice-cream inspired knick knack here and there in the room to complete the look.

Ice-cream theme summer decor for kid’s bedroom - Summer Inspired decor for your kids bedroomsource

Fruity cushions

Give your child’s bed an extra heaping of coziness with some juicy, colorful fruits this summer. Add cushions and throw pillows that have trendy fruit prints and fruit shaped plush pillows. Ah! you can add these trendy cushions in your bedroom too 🙂

Fruity cushions nd guilty for kids room for summer decor - Summer Inspired decor ideas for your kids room


Ever trendy floral wall

Be it floral wallpaper, decoupage, stencilled or even a mural, floral wall is an everlasting trend for the kids room decor. The room not only looks light and refreshing but, the color pop pleases the eyes too. Your child would love this wall decor!

images (10)


A play nest for your lil one

Too hot to play outdoor in the scorching sun? Don’t worry! Offer a cozy play nest to your kids in the corner of their bedroom. Be it just a frame or covered with fun textiles, decorate it with twinkling string lights and festive garlands to make it more inviting. Throw in some of your kid’s favourite cushions and plush pillows for extra comfort. Bet your kids won’t miss the outdoor anymore! 🙂

images (11)


Summer? It’s gotta be watermelon!

Fruits, fruits and some more fruits! We just can’t have enough of fruits in summers 🙂 Fruit inspired decor for your kids room is perfect for this season.Instant energising and refreshing watermelon is my pick for the inspiration. I just love the red and green color combo against white  background. You can use wallpaper, decoupage or stencil watermelon on the wall. Complete the look by adding matching  sheets, cushions, rugs, lamps etc.j

_floral mural Fruit sliced balloons fruity pillows Ice-cream theme kids bedroom watermelon theme decor_Summer Inspired Decor Ideas For Your Kids Bedroom_Bedroom Decor DIY Nursery & Kids Roomssource

unnamed (3)


How will you be decorating your child’s bedroom for summer? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

Aromatic Bonsai – Must have Naturals in Your Bedroom!

Our bedroom is our safe haven. A place to relax, unwind and get a great night sleep. Hence, we spend so much on those artificial fragrant room fresheners, aromatic oils, candles, scented lamps etc., in order to keep our bedroom fresh and healthy-free from pollution and bad odors. Why don’t we go for the most natural and cost effective option instead? The aromatic houseplants!

Let’s have a look at few of the aromatic plants that can brighten your mood and freshen up your bedroom with its nose-pleasing fragrances and healing properties. It’s eye-catching textured leaf and gorgeous flowers enhances the features of your bedroom too, making it visually stunning!

Who doesn’t like the luscious lavender? 


Lavender is one of my favourite houseplants for bedroom because it not only provide a fresh and romantic fragrance throughout the room but, it’s gorgeous colour and texture tremendously add pop of color and vibrance to the room. Lavender likes plenty of sunlight so pot the plants in your bedroom window. A pot of growing lavender helps keep the flies away as its acts as an excellent insect repellent. The aroma of this plant also helps to relax lungs and get a calmer night sleep. Since the dead blossoms still have their scent, you can collect  them in bundle as keep aside. Unlock the aroma later for other purposes. One plant, so many uses! Worth having one, isn’t it?

Aromatic Jasmine to soothe your body and mind! 

Jasmine in bedroom for air purification and better sleepSource

Unlike lavender, jasmine has not many healing properties but, it is well known for its unbeatable scent and beautiful white blooms and soothes your mind and body.  I will strongly recommend you to plant it in your bedroom because its strong smell acts as a natural air purifier. I just love it when those white flowers opens up in the evening, when the temperature is low and burst it’s mesmerising aroma in the air. It spreads its fragrance widely in and around the house, making the eve pleasant and alluring. The best part is jasmine plants are not even that expensive! 😉

 Bloomy Honeysuckle


Treat your bedroom with beautiful aromatic flowers of this ravishing vine. Also known as woodbine, honeysuckle can be grown in a room with sufficient sunlight. Grow them in the open window of your bedroom, in a pot with wooden log so that it’s wine can climb on it. Like jasmine it’s strong mesmerising  smell purifies the air and it’s beautiful growing flowers makes a great fence cover for your open window.

Exotica Gardenia! 


Enhance the beauty of your bedroom with a pot of extravagantly beautiful gardenia plant with gorgeous white flowers. Gardenias are one of the most fragrant houseplants. And you will be surprised to know that instead of its beautiful blooms, it’s the leaves of the gardenia that produces the pleasantly delightful aroma. However, a gardenia needs a lot of pampering in order to thrive. But, the nose pleasing aroma of this visually appealing plant is worth all the high maintenance it requires!

Delightful scented geraniums

Scented geranium planted in bedroom for refreshment- aromatic plants- must have naturals in your bedroom

Scented geraniums are available in a wide range of fragrances like peppermint lace, chocolate mint, lemon, orange, pink champagne and more. However, the delightful lemon scented geranium is my personal favourite. Lighten up the atmosphere of your bedroom with the refreshing aroma of this lemony scented plant. Geraniums are insect repellent too. You can plant them in hanging baskets, flower pots or a container. These aromatic young plants with beautiful pink flowers and soothing smell looks appealing and inviting in bedroom!


So, which of these beautiful scented houseplants you are going to plant in your bedroom? Is the plant perfect enough to soothe your mind and body with its pleasing aroma?  Does it provide enough freshness to your bedroom? Share with us in the comments below! 🙂

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Play Time! Let’s Arrange Those Pillows on Bed

Pillows are a great way to make a strong impact in any room and when it comes to decorating your bed, nothing can beat the pillows. But,there’s so many questions that may arise in your confused mind while arranging them. How many pillows? Of what sizes? How to arrange them for a comfortable yet stylish bed setting? Well, I must tell you that there’s no set of rules for bed pillows arrangement. One can play with the pillows according to the decor style of the bedroom, personal aesthetic and preferences.

However, here are few basic principles to keep in mind while playing with the pillows to help you make your bed more inviting and alluring. Let’s have a look at it!

Simple yet stylish!

_bolster decorative pillows pillow arrangement rolled pillows Stacked pillows standing pillows_Play Time! Lets Arrange Those Pillows on Bed_Bedroom Contemporary Decor Modern Rooms Victorian


If you are someone who prefer a neat and fuss free bed, this one is for you. Stack a minimum of 2 euro or standard pillows flat on each other at both ends for a clean and subtle look. Simplicity is the new trend. 🙂

The more, the merrier

_bolster decorative pillows pillow arrangement rolled pillows Stacked pillows standing pillows_Play Time! Lets Arrange Those Pillows on Bed_Bedroom Contemporary Decor Modern Rooms Victorian


_bolster decorative pillows pillow arrangement rolled pillows Stacked pillows standing pillows_Play Time! Lets Arrange Those Pillows on Bed_Bedroom Contemporary Decor Modern Rooms Victorian


For a setting that is extravagant and deluxe you need a combination of at least 5 pillows or more of euro, standard and decorative throw pillows. Arrange them in rows of largest euro ones in the back followed by standard sized in the middle and small decorative pillows in the front. Lay them in standing position and you are done!

Bolster for the little extra



_bolster decorative pillows pillow arrangement rolled pillows Stacked pillows standing pillows_Play Time! Lets Arrange Those Pillows on Bed_Bedroom Contemporary Decor Modern Rooms Victorian


 If you want to add some more shapes other than all the squares and rectangular ones, add a short or long bolster/rolled pillow to your bed. The trick is to lay the bolster at the very back (behind the euro and decorative pillows) or in the front. This look is surely a classic!

Messy is cozy



_bolster decorative pillows pillow arrangement rolled pillows Stacked pillows standing pillows_Play Time! Lets Arrange Those Pillows on Bed_Bedroom Contemporary Decor Modern Rooms Victorian


If you are a plentiful pillow person who loves to stash in a warm and cozy nest around on bed, this arrangement is perfect for you. Actually, there is no arrangement in this ‘throw and go’ casual style. You have the liberty to add many pillows of various sizes, shapes, colors and patterns here. This one is the most easy, fun and simple bed setting.

Vintage appeal – stacked and standing pillows combined!



This look is one of my favourites! Lay stacked bed pillows behind and standing decorative pillows in the front. It not only hides the sleeping pillows behind but adds definition and old time charm to any room, making it sophisticated and divine.

 Some people are messy, some are neat and orderly, some are trend follower and some are too casual to even bother. The way u choose to arrange the pillows on bed says it all. 😉 So what’s your ideal style of pillow arrangement for a comfortable and blissful bed? Did you find these pillow arrangements playful enough? Write to us in the comments below 🙂

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Resolve your Design Dilemma

Design has just one rule of thumb but it has no rule of thumb. Probably, that is the reason that most of us are never able to decide which is the best design. What looks perfect to me might not even appeal to you. And hence, every now and then we are surrounded by some or the other design dilemma.

Here is a list of some of the most common design dilemmas and the most stylish and easiest ways to resolve them:

Design Dilemma 1: How to strike balance with the artwork on the wall?

We all have faced the ‘too-small-for-a-wall-collage’ and ‘too-big-for-a-single-painting’ conundrum. If you have such a spot in your home, lets say above the sofa or the bed which is too small for a collage of art and too big for a solo painting then lift it up by adding some accessories to either side of the painting. This will not look cluttered at all and will also give some heft to the wall. You are such a pro at it 😉

How to strike balance with the artwork on the wall


Design Dilemma 2: No room for furniture

This is the dilemma we all have faced irrespective of the size of our home. We all have that piece of furniture which is now old but can neither be thrown nor be kept in our homes. Though you can do a thousand things with your furniture like paint it, sand it, toss it but  just a simple trick of disguising them can be as impactful. Just cover them with a new linen or a bold pattern and your room has a new look. The foot of your bed is another space where you keep the furniture (a bench or a desk) you love.

No room for furniture


Design Dilemma 3: No storage for extra seating

You always want to comfortably seat your guests, you also have enough furniture but unfortunately you don’t have the floor space to place those extra chairs always. Ever considered hanging them from the walls or using them as a part of your home decor? Well, looks cool in this picture we spotted on Entrance via Domaine. Design Dilemma Resolved!

No storage for extra seating


Design Dilemma 4: The too-much-colour and no-colour conundrum

One of the common dilemmas is the colour conundrum. Even if you have decided the right colour for your home, you can never decide how much colour is enough. While sometimes you feel that you have gone overboard with accessories and colours, then at other times you feel that it isn’t enough. So if you are facing the ‘too-much colour’ problem then go for a white wall. And if the problem is to add more colour and you can’t paint the walls then add colour to your home decor.

Too much colour and no colur conundrum


These are some of the most common design dilemmas we come across in our daily lives. Let us know if you are facing some issues in designing your home and we would love to help. That is what we are for! 🙂

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8 Cool Wall Shelves to Revamp Your Home

Many things at our home are too beautiful to be hidden behind the closed doors. If displayed, these items can instantly update a barren space with their color, texture, patterns, energy etc. Why not incorporate open wall shelves at home to display your possession? Wall shelves are one of the most easy and usually inexpensive ways that not only add decorating element to the space, but also help you keep your home organised.

Revamp your home with few of the wall shelving ideas given below. You can choose according to the need, availability and decor of your space.

A platform for everything – Floating shelves!



Floating shelves are the most popular and ideal for showcasing your the collection of your favourite souvenirs, arts and framed photos, books, potted mini house plants, accessories and anything that inspires you and worth limelight. One spot for all! Isn’t it? Just keep in mind the function and flow while creating the space and you are good to go.

Eye-catching wall boxes



For me wall boxes are the most elegant ones. I just love how beautifully it appears on the wall, creating individual geometric pattern or by intersecting with each other. They are easy to build and causes less damage to the wall. You just need to hang them properly on the wall.

Long and short display rails


Mix of different lengths of open wall shelves enhances the feature of a space by providing uneven pattern to it. Perfect to showcase your collection of arts and show pieces. Acts as a functional storage for books and magazines too!

Narrow shelves to create gallery a wall

Narrow shelves for gallery wall-8 cool wall shelves to revamp your homeSource

A gallery is one of the most easiest and affordable way to revamp any space of your home. Narrow shelves in the wall allows you to display huge collection of arts and framed photos and let you rearrange them instantly as often as you like.

Display those beautiful dishes on the wall painted plate rack


This plate rack is another interesting way to decorate your dining area wall with unique designs element – the dishes! Works as a storage for plates and trays too. Beautiful enough to grab the attention of your guests, isn’t it?

Wall spine with built-in lights


This vertical wall shelves made with pine boards is really a cool idea! The built-in lights of this stylish wall spine acts as a spotlight for your precious collectibles and artwork. The lower cases is a perfect to stack the piles of your favourite books. A must have wall shelf! 🙂 

Mini wall shelves for bathroom essentials

Wall shelves in bathroom to keep daily essentials handy - 8 cool wall shelves to revamp your homeSource


_floating shelf mini shelves for bathroom narrow wall shelves for gallery wall wall boxes wall mounted shelves wall rails wall shelves wall spine_8 Cool Wall Shelves to Revamp Your Home_Bathroom Bedroom Contemporary Decor Dining Room DIY Rooms Storage & ClosetsSource

Perfect to store daily bathroom essentials, at your arm’s stretch. Settle mini shelves in a recess wall of your bathroom and you are good to go. It enhances the feature of your bathroom too.

Shelves for the ignored corners


Use recessed wall for bookshelf and showcase of collective items - 8 cool wall shelves to revamp your homeSource

Why waste the leftover wall space of your house? Bring them in use by installing short shelves in the wall. Can be a great storage for small appliances and cookbooks in the kitchen and for dishes in the dining area. Fake built-in shelves on the recessed wall on either side of your bedroom’s wardrobe or fireplace in the living room can provide a great platform for book storage and showcase for your collection.


 Where do you have open wall shelves in your home? If not, are you inspired enough to incorporate one of the shelves above in your home? Tell us in the comments!  🙂

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