Pillows for an Instant Makeover of Your Home

Deep down the heart, we all crave for changes from time to time. But, reupholstering the furnitures or painting the walls a different color is not a solution we can go for more often.
Want an instant makeover? No need to redo the entire space. Just add few decorative pillows to refresh your room in the most easiest and affordable way.
They can be both practical and stylish. Here are few things to keep in mind while picking up the right pillows for you to suit your style and comfort.

Consider size

Pillows-Instant Makeover-sizes

Standard square (about 18”) works well on sofas with typical dimension. For a more comfy and loungey feel use oversized pillows(about 24”). For a delicate side chairs go for smaller ones (about 16”).


Try texture

Pillows-Instant Makeover-Texture

For a visually interesting look you need to keep a mix of textures. Choose from various range of nubby linens, velvet and silk upholstery, leathers for a tactile contrast. Faux feather can be used for extra comfort.


Play with colors and patterns

Pillows-Instant Makeover-pattern

The mix of colors and patterns of the pillows helps you achieve a polished look. For a large sofa, two solid color pillows that contrasts the color of the sofa can be placed at the both ends. Pair each of them with pattern pillows that pulls the color of the sofa. If you are mixing patterns, make sure they have at least one common color and patterns should vary in scale so that each of them stand out on its own.

Choose your shapes

Pillows-Instant Makeover-Shape

Square, rectangle, round and bolster are the four basic types of pillow shapes. Squares provide full back body comfort while lounging. Rectangular supports the lower back or neck. Consider bolster for a leather sofa as they don’t slip down. Round shapes soften the sharp lines of sofas. Use large square pillows for puffy couch. But, you can always go for a mixture of two or three shapes to add variety to the space.

Number of pillows

Pillows-Instant Makeover-no of pillows

Add three or five decorative pillows on a large sofa. You can go for four as well for a symmetric look. For a small chair choose one pillow while a rocker or a love seat may get two. However, this is just a hint. You can always add multiple if you crave more comfy feel.

Go with the theme

Pillows-Instant Makeover-Traditional Theme

The theme of your room determines the choices of fabrics, colors, textures and patterns of throw pillows. For a classic setting pick up velvet, silk, ornamental and decorative throw pillows. Arrange a group of two different texture or patterns pillows for traditional look. For an eclectic look you can have each pillow in different fabric. Contemporary design prefer limited palette, large geometric prints, monochrome, or no prints at all. Fabrics such as cotton and linen is preferred and large pillows are spaced apart in modern theme.

Pillows are the easiest way complete the space and give that home-sweet-home feel.Stamp your personality onto the space by picking up right pillows that compliment your home decor.

Prashant Praveen

⁠⁠⁠With more than 13 years of experience, I have worked across sectors as an independent design consultant and visualiser. This blog is an attempt to share my experience and design ideas for inspired living.

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