Light Up Your Home With These Lampshade Ideas

We all love lampshades right? Light is the most important thing in our everyday living. It is an embodiment of all that is positive and enlightening. So, how do you choose the perfect lampshades and lighting fixtures for your home? We give you an insight for that perfect home lighting:

1. Light with lampshades-Compliment the colours

If you want your lights to stand out, choose bold colours to attract the focus of the viewers. But, if you want the lights to illuminate the home décor, go for lighter colours shades to accentuate the appearance. If you want to rock the subtle look, choose neutral shades anyday.



2. Choose the size of your lampshade according to the interiors

A smaller lampshade should be preferred for a tiny bedside table and for your living room where you can actually experiment with the look, tall slender floor lamps can be placed to quirk up the look. Don’t clutter the interiors and choose the size according to the need.



3. Return of the pendant lampshade

Revisit the 60’s and 70’s by choosing pendant lampshades for your home. Not only are these space efficient but they also add on to the much needed oomph factor in your rooms, thanks to their large prints, graphic designs and bold colours. While you adorn your rooms with these ultra-chic lamps, keep the décor of the room minimal so that you don’t overdo the entire look.



4. Lampshade selection-Choose a blend of function and ambiance

So a lampshade is primarily put to diffuse the light from the bulb and create a soothing effect. So, quirk it up by using a lighter shade to achieve maximum illumination. You can occasionally change the harp with darker shades to create the perfect ambiance according to your mood. Also ensure that the shade is at proper distance from the light bulb to avoid heat emitted from it as much as possible.



5. DIY to customize the look of your lampshade

The internet is full of Do-it-yourself tricks to customize lampshades and create designs using waste materials like spoons, cloth hangers, wires etc. Use your crafty side to turn simple ribbons, fabrics and other decorative items to create a unique lampshade for your home. Steal the look from social media platforms if you must!



Do you feel inspired enough? Try these and get the next quirky lampshade to brighten your home!
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