How to Hang Those Artworks The Right Way?

Buying a piece of art is always exciting but the mundane process of hanging them in the right manner on your walls makes the whole experience tiresome. The artworks in your home reflect your personality. While on the one hand, a rightly themed set of artworks can bring in a lot of positive energy then on the other, an improperly hung picture can result in your room looking off balance and sloppy.

Here are some tips that can ease the task for you:

The 57 inch rule

The most common mistake that people make is to hang the artworks too high. Remember the magic number 57. Studies have shown that the average eye level of a normal human being is 57 inch. So it is only logical to hang your artworks at a height which doesn’t strain your eyes. 57 inch is the height from the floor of the room to the center of your photograph.

For Example: If your photograph is 30 inch then its center is at 30/2 = 15 inch. The hanging wire is at 2 inch from the top of the picture, which makes it 15-2=13 inch. Thus you should hang your image at 57+13=70 inch from the floor.

How to Hang those Artworks Right?


Pay heed to your furniture

Make sure that your artwork is in a complete harmony with your furniture. Your artwork shouldn’t outweigh your furniture. Ideally, it should not be more than 75% of the width of your furniture. While hanging a picture above your furniture, leave at least 5”-6” of space above the furniture.



Balance the cluster

If you are aiming to put up multiple pictures then the image at the center should be hung at a height of 57 inch on center. You should consider your group of pictures as one and apply the 57 inch rule for that perfect look. Designers believe that the most heavy artworks should be always placed on the left like the image below. Placing them in the center or on the right makes your wall look off balance.



Lastly, there is no rule of thumb for design and decor. The whole idea is to find that magical number which suits you and then stick to it. You know your home the best and whatever you do should please your eyes the most.

Let us know your magical number for those perfect wall hangings. We’re sure you’ve your own experiences to share. After all, your home is built of nothing but experience.

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