Happy Homecoming with a Stylish Entryway

The entryway and the foyer is the very space of your home that can make a lasting first impression on your guests. It has a great effect on your mood as well. A welcoming entryway requires good storage and organization.

Here are few stylish must haves for a warm, hospitable and inviting entryway.

Entryway bench

xtrayard_stylish and organized entryway_Entryway bench

When buying entryway furniture remember to look for multi-functional, space saving furniture items. Opt for benches with storage that are functional as well attractive. It provides not only sitting but a much needed storage inside the front door for daily essentials and accessories.

Wall racks and hooks

xtrayard_stylish and organized entryway_Wall racks and hooks 


Some space saving wall racks are ideal for keeping mails, keys, grocery lists etc. for a tidy entryway. Attach hooks for one-of-a-kind coatrack. Clear the clutter by hanging hats, coats, umbrellas and bags to give it a cozy and well organised look.

Shoe rack

xtrayard_stylish and organized entryway_shoe rack

A shoe rack is a must to control the messy footwear situation in the foyer. Place a stylish shoe rack to keep your pairs of shoes well and organised.


xtrayard_stylish and organized entryway_Mirror

 In a foyer, mirrors are useful for checking hair and makeup just before heading out the door. Hang a big,bold framed, colorful mirror on the wall for elegant and stylish appearance.

Gallery wall

xtrayard_stylish and organized entryway_Gallery wall

 An interesting and charming way to personalize the entryway is to create a gallery wall. Display a mix of family photos and drawings for a unique wall art. How to Hang Those Artworks The Right Way?

A chic console

xtrayard_stylish and organized entryway_console

A console table provides an open display space. In the foyer keep your favourite artifacts, flower vases, lamps, candles on display for more welcoming and impressive entryway. Open shelf of a chic console also offers a spot for books, bags and shoes.

Ideas on inexpensive and attractive small entryway furnitures and decoration are innumerable. Be inspired by the ideas and add a beautiful, welcoming, neat touch to the home environment. Don’t forget to share your ideas and experiences!

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