Bring the Bling In! Touch Of Gold For Your Home Decor

Everything that glitters in your home can be gold! Yes, here we are to talk about adding the ever classy gold in your home decor. Little bit of bling in a home interior (furnitures, soft furnishes, accessories) of neutral shades can instantly dazzle up the entire space, making it look classic and extravagant. You can use little touch of gold in colorful interior as well.

Below are the various ways of bringing in the bling in your home decor. Let’s have a look at them.


1. Let your gallery wall stand out and shine 

We all know by now that the most common and easy way to decorate your home is to create a gallery wall, right? How about adding lil shimmer to the wall as well. Go for golden photo frames. Let your gallery wall shine and grab as much attention of your friends, family and you.pinkandlimesource 

2.  Stain your favourite piece of furniture in gold

Furniture with golden base are very much in trend nowadays. Do not feel low if you can’t afford to replace your furnitures for now. Glam up your old furniture with the touch of gold with just a can of golden spray paint. Spray paint the legs of your coffee table, stools, old console, dining table and chairs etc. in gold and let your home sparkle. But, do not overdo. Go for just one or two furniture for a refreshing contemporary look.Golden leg stool for gold accent home decor - Bring The Bling In! Touch of Gold For Your Home Decorsource Golden framed coffee table for gold accent home decor- Bring The Bling In! Touch of Gold For Your Home Decorsource 

3. Throw some shimmery golden cushions for instant bling 

If you don’t want to overdo or make much effort on adding gold to your home decor, we have the most easy and instant way for you. Just squeeze in some shimmery, golden cushions and throw pillows with the rest on the lounge or bed and you are done. Too simple, isn’t it?!Golden cushions to add Bling to home decor- Bring The Bling In! Touch of Gold For Your Home Decorsource 

4. Pick up some of those sparkling golden accessories 

The best way to add lil bling to your home decor without much effort is to add golden accessories. Golden miniatures, artifacts, vases, golden plated candles etc. are some of the easy available items you can add to the space.Do not overfill the space with too much of these accessories. Keep it less and classy.unnamedsource m_5b669eec7ce4source 

5. Dazzle up with golden framed starburst mirrors

Undoubtedly, mirrors are a great way to enhance your home decor. Starburst mirrors with customised golden frames against black, white, grey, blue, red and almost every color wall will surely raise the style quotient of your home.Gold framed mirror for golden accent home decor- Bring The Bling In! Touch of Gold For Your Home Decorsource 

6. Illuminate your home  with touches of gold

Let your home sparkle against the lights by staining the lamp stands and chandeliers in ever shimmery gold. You can buy golden accent lamps, candle stands, chandeliers or you can do-it-yourself with just a can of golden spray paint.

Inspiring enough huh?! ☺How are you gonna add the ever sparkling gold in your home decor? Share with us in the comments below! 🙂


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Save Some Penny With The Budget Friendly Decor Ideas For Your Home

Home decoration is not much influenced by price tags. Even something inexpensive becomes a splendid decoration if used smartly in an unusual and original way. Budget friendly low cost decoration not only saves your penny, but also gives a space personal feel, making your home more cozy and inviting!

If you are one of those who don’t like to spend much on home decor yet seeks a well decorated home, here are few budget friendly decor ideas for you. Let’s take a look!

Priceless family gallery wall

Family Gallery wall for low budget decor - Save some penny with budget friendly decor ideas for your homesource

The most easy and popular decor element is at top in the list – The Gallery Wall! You don’t need to display those costly arts of some famous artists when you are looking for a budget friendly decor. Nothing can beat the family photos. Create a family gallery wall by displaying pictures of everyone in the family. It’s priceless!

Go bold with colors

images (15)source

Color is the most effective and simple way to revamp any space. If you want your home to be more dynamic and vibrant, opt for bold colors. Mix different shades and use different patterns and textures to make the space stand out. Strip, swirl, wave! 

Artistic framed mirrors



Mirror is the most versatile and inexpensive decor solution. You can use them in almost any space of the house. To add an artistic feel to the space, go for framed mirrors. Choose from a variety of shapes, styles and design available. Framed mirrors can be an extravagant display piece.

Illuminate your decor with budget friendly candles

Candles for low budget decor - Save Some Penny with budget friendly decor ideas for your homesource

I just love decorating with candles! They look great when placed in group of four or five candles of different heights on a coffee table. Place them in a regular or irregular pattern on console, dining table, side table etc. The trick is – the larger the surface the larger candles should be. You can place them in glasses or mason jars too!

Add new life to the old ones

unnamed (5)source

The best way to add something fresh and new to a room is to repurpose an old piece of furniture instead of buying a new one. They will not only revamp a space, but will a personalised feel to the space. Show off your creative skills and don’t hesitate to experiment!

Inexpensive diy lanterns and lampshades

images (16)source

Another inexpensive way to dazzle your home in almost no cost is to create your own lanterns and lampshades by using the things laying around you. There are so many easy do-it-yourself solutions online to guide you. Make your home more cozy and inviting!

Show off your possession


What can be better than showing off what you already have, instead of buying new decorating items. Bring out your collection of decorative pieces, arts, souvenirs, antiques and anything you got that’s worth a limelight! Display them on wall shelves, console or even on mantel that you hardly use.

Display the dishes on wall


Turn a dull wall into the centre of attraction in almost no penny at all. A can of bold color is all you need to spend on. Bring out those mismatched yet beautiful plates that are no more in use. Allow them to enhance the decor of your space.

Bring in the soothing naturals

images (17)source

Don’t want to spend much on the empty corners of the house? Fill them with the not so expensive houseplants! Consider the number of plants and their sizes before placing them in different areas of the house. Houseplants not only works as a decorating element but are soothing to your eyes as well. 

Do you have a list of pocket friendly ideas to perk up your home decor? If not, which of the above ideas you  are going to implement in your home? Write to us! 🙂

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Bohemian Decor -An Everlasting Colorful Trend!

Do you love cheery colors, patterns and mix of various textures in your home decor? Do you like to break the decorating rules? Bohemian is the hot new home decor style for you. There’s no rule in this decor style as it’s not restricted to any cultural approach.

Also known as Boho, bohemian gives you the freedom of combining different decorating styles from modern, retro, vintage, moroccon to even hippies and gypsy. Intensely decorative Boho is one of the most colorful and lively trend that allows you to mix various colors, patterns, objects and textures. Ideal for the ones who want to create personalised, artistic, colorful, warm and cheerful atmosphere at home.

A collection of bohemian style decor is here for your inspiration. Don’t hesitate to use these ideas in your home decor. Get inspired, Go Boho! 🙂 

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Romantic Decor Tips to Raise the Love Quotient

Are you one of those hopelessly romantic people who wait for this beautiful month of love? Then how about surprising your partner with some of these great romantic decor tips that will make your home sizzle with love. In fact, the best part is you won’t have to wait for February, you can use these tricks throughout the calender.

Here’re some DIY ideas to spruce up the romance quotient of your home that will surely win your heart.

PS: You don’t have to splurge on a honeymoon suite anymore. Well, thank us later 🙂 Don’t forget to share your secret love potion with us.

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51 Tips to Decorate your Small Apartment

If you wait until you have enough money to decorate and make your home your own it will never happen.

Living in a small apartment can be really challenging. Whether it is a huge mansion or a small rental, your home demands all your care and attention and sure you shouldn’t neglect it. Just because you are living in a pint sized apartment doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise on some of the important things in life. Use these 51 amazing tricks to live life king size in a pint size apartment.


These are some really cool ideas to decorate a small apartment. It is all about optimum utilization of the available space.

Share with us some interesting ideas that you think make your small apartment look larger.

Lights, Lamps, Festivity

The festive season is knocking the doors. The one thing that sets the mood for a festival is light. Not only during a festival, light is an important factor that determines the mood of a person during a normal day as well. Imagine going back to an accurately lit home that makes you feel blissful, instead of dull and dry apartment.

In most cases, a rented apartment lacks on proper lighting and it is impossible to buy those exotic lamps always. So, why not create some on your own and light up your home the way you want it.

Here are some DIY ideas and the best part is you already have most of the required ingredients!

The Plastic Bottle Lamp

So, your day doesn’t end without gulping some bottles of coca-cola. The next time you buy one, don’t throw the empty plastic bottle. If you have ever noticed, the bottom of these bottles is a perfect flower. Just cut the bottom part of a bunch of bottles carefully, connect them using a transparent/ beautiful string and attach a night bulb. Your lamp is set to add that fizz to your room. Time to start collecting all those plastic bottles!
The Plastic Bottle Lamp_xtrayard

Cloud Lights

If you have been a sky gazer as a child then here is a trick to create your own clouds. All you need is a lot of cotton and an old paper lamp. Pull the cotton until it becomes fluffy like clouds and stick it on the paper lamp. Let it dry and then put the super cool LED lights inside the lantern and fix it. Remember, the bulb that you use shouldn’t heat up, hence it is preferred that you use flameless candles, ideally LED lights. Cheers, you have your cloud lights ready. Hang them near the window and this is going to be your favorite corner.

Cloud Lights_xtrayard


Spoon Lamps

Have an extra bunch of disposable spoons? All you’ve to do is cut the heads of these plastic spoons, and stick them on an old container in a way that they form a ‘fish scale’ pattern. Now, fix a light bulb inside and your spoon lamp is ready.

Spoon Lamps_xtrayard


Bottle Lamps

This is my personal favorite because I have made and used these lamps during my hostel days. They are the easiest to make and look fabulous, to say the least. The art is to find the right kind of bottles. All you have to do is put some fairy lights inside a glass bottle (an empty beer or a wine bottle work well) and your amazing lamp is ready. You can see the effect in the image below:
Bottle Lamps_xtrayard


CD Lamp

This super easy lamp gives a super trippy look. Just stick together some old CDs around any light source. Your CD lamp will be ready in a blink of time and you are going to love it. Add colorful lights to give your room a more seductive look. 😉

CD Lamp-xtrayard


These are some hacks. Let us know how you light up your apartment to feel at home.


Light Up Your Home With These Lampshade Ideas

We all love lampshades right? Light is the most important thing in our everyday living. It is an embodiment of all that is positive and enlightening. So, how do you choose the perfect lampshades and lighting fixtures for your home? We give you an insight for that perfect home lighting:

1. Light with lampshades-Compliment the colours

If you want your lights to stand out, choose bold colours to attract the focus of the viewers. But, if you want the lights to illuminate the home décor, go for lighter colours shades to accentuate the appearance. If you want to rock the subtle look, choose neutral shades anyday.



2. Choose the size of your lampshade according to the interiors

A smaller lampshade should be preferred for a tiny bedside table and for your living room where you can actually experiment with the look, tall slender floor lamps can be placed to quirk up the look. Don’t clutter the interiors and choose the size according to the need.



3. Return of the pendant lampshade

Revisit the 60’s and 70’s by choosing pendant lampshades for your home. Not only are these space efficient but they also add on to the much needed oomph factor in your rooms, thanks to their large prints, graphic designs and bold colours. While you adorn your rooms with these ultra-chic lamps, keep the décor of the room minimal so that you don’t overdo the entire look.



4. Lampshade selection-Choose a blend of function and ambiance

So a lampshade is primarily put to diffuse the light from the bulb and create a soothing effect. So, quirk it up by using a lighter shade to achieve maximum illumination. You can occasionally change the harp with darker shades to create the perfect ambiance according to your mood. Also ensure that the shade is at proper distance from the light bulb to avoid heat emitted from it as much as possible.



5. DIY to customize the look of your lampshade

The internet is full of Do-it-yourself tricks to customize lampshades and create designs using waste materials like spoons, cloth hangers, wires etc. Use your crafty side to turn simple ribbons, fabrics and other decorative items to create a unique lampshade for your home. Steal the look from social media platforms if you must!



Do you feel inspired enough? Try these and get the next quirky lampshade to brighten your home!
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Accessorize Your Home!

Few well-placed accessories are essential to add flair to your home’s style.Easier said than done, in most cases we don’t know where to start? Here are few simple tips that will boost your confidence to accessorize your home-sweet-home with your own personal touch.

Pick up Accessories that Match the Style

Pick up accessories according to the room’s interior design and try to add items that fit well with the room’s style. Do not add an ultra-modern accessory in a traditionally designed room, no matter how much you love it.

Pick up accessories that matches the style

Choose your Colors

Choose colors for your accessories that will add interest and coordinate with your furniture and wall color. It will give an overall sense of definition and unity. Contrasting colors will give vibrancy to your room. Blue, Red or White: Paint Your Home Right

Accessorize Your Home - choose your color

Use Multiples and Layers

Using multiples of small items like a trio of hanging mirrors and layering accessories of different sizes add dimensions to your home.

Accessorize Your Home - Trio Mirror

Seasonal Inspiration

Be inspired by the weather outside and change your decor with the changing season. For e.g, bring out your favorite white pottery on display during the spring season.

Accessorize Your Home - Seasonal


Pile on the pillows

Pillows are one of the easiest and quickest ways to experiment with colors and patterns. Add pillows in the living room to complete the look.

Accessorize Your Home - pillow


Rug your Floor

The rug is the most important piece in any room. Stylish and affordable area rugs are an excellent way to add color and texture to a room.

Accessorize Your Home - rugs

Plant the Lonely Corners

Nothing softens and cheers up a lonely corner of your home like a potted tree. Grow a Little Garden at Your Home

_artwork Home Accesorries pillows plants rugs trio mirror_Accessorize Your Home!_Decor Furnitures Home Furnishing Lighting Rooms


Light it up

Lighting is an easy way to add instant impact on the room as well as on our mood. Choose light fixtures, lamps and candles that complement the design style of your room. Light Up Your Home With These Lighting Ideas

Accessorize Your Home - lights

Display artworks

Walls are the ultimate canvas. Paint a bold color on the accent wall and display your favorite paintings and other artworks to complete the look. How to Hang Those Artworks The Right Way?

How to Hang those Artworks Right?

Scale matters

Do not pick up pieces that are too large and can overpower the room making it look cheap. A collection of too-tiny pieces in a large space can also end up looking cluttered.

Accessorize Your Home - Scale

Your home is a reflection of your personality. Pick up your home accessories carefully with the help of these few tips because the items you choose to display will communicate your personality in every corner of your home.