Bring the Bling In! Touch Of Gold For Your Home Decor

Everything that glitters in your home can be gold! Yes, here we are to talk about adding the ever classy gold in your home decor. Little bit of bling in a home interior (furnitures, soft furnishes, accessories) of neutral shades can instantly dazzle up the entire space, making it look classic and extravagant. You can use little touch of gold in colorful interior as well.

Below are the various ways of bringing in the bling in your home decor. Let’s have a look at them.


1. Let your gallery wall stand out and shine 

We all know by now that the most common and easy way to decorate your home is to create a gallery wall, right? How about adding lil shimmer to the wall as well. Go for golden photo frames. Let your gallery wall shine and grab as much attention of your friends, family and you.pinkandlimesource 

2.  Stain your favourite piece of furniture in gold

Furniture with golden base are very much in trend nowadays. Do not feel low if you can’t afford to replace your furnitures for now. Glam up your old furniture with the touch of gold with just a can of golden spray paint. Spray paint the legs of your coffee table, stools, old console, dining table and chairs etc. in gold and let your home sparkle. But, do not overdo. Go for just one or two furniture for a refreshing contemporary look.Golden leg stool for gold accent home decor - Bring The Bling In! Touch of Gold For Your Home Decorsource Golden framed coffee table for gold accent home decor- Bring The Bling In! Touch of Gold For Your Home Decorsource 

3. Throw some shimmery golden cushions for instant bling 

If you don’t want to overdo or make much effort on adding gold to your home decor, we have the most easy and instant way for you. Just squeeze in some shimmery, golden cushions and throw pillows with the rest on the lounge or bed and you are done. Too simple, isn’t it?!Golden cushions to add Bling to home decor- Bring The Bling In! Touch of Gold For Your Home Decorsource 

4. Pick up some of those sparkling golden accessories 

The best way to add lil bling to your home decor without much effort is to add golden accessories. Golden miniatures, artifacts, vases, golden plated candles etc. are some of the easy available items you can add to the space.Do not overfill the space with too much of these accessories. Keep it less and classy.unnamedsource m_5b669eec7ce4source 

5. Dazzle up with golden framed starburst mirrors

Undoubtedly, mirrors are a great way to enhance your home decor. Starburst mirrors with customised golden frames against black, white, grey, blue, red and almost every color wall will surely raise the style quotient of your home.Gold framed mirror for golden accent home decor- Bring The Bling In! Touch of Gold For Your Home Decorsource 

6. Illuminate your home  with touches of gold

Let your home sparkle against the lights by staining the lamp stands and chandeliers in ever shimmery gold. You can buy golden accent lamps, candle stands, chandeliers or you can do-it-yourself with just a can of golden spray paint.

Inspiring enough huh?! ☺How are you gonna add the ever sparkling gold in your home decor? Share with us in the comments below! 🙂


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Save Some Penny With The Budget Friendly Decor Ideas For Your Home

Home decoration is not much influenced by price tags. Even something inexpensive becomes a splendid decoration if used smartly in an unusual and original way. Budget friendly low cost decoration not only saves your penny, but also gives a space personal feel, making your home more cozy and inviting!

If you are one of those who don’t like to spend much on home decor yet seeks a well decorated home, here are few budget friendly decor ideas for you. Let’s take a look!

Priceless family gallery wall

Family Gallery wall for low budget decor - Save some penny with budget friendly decor ideas for your homesource

The most easy and popular decor element is at top in the list – The Gallery Wall! You don’t need to display those costly arts of some famous artists when you are looking for a budget friendly decor. Nothing can beat the family photos. Create a family gallery wall by displaying pictures of everyone in the family. It’s priceless!

Go bold with colors

images (15)source

Color is the most effective and simple way to revamp any space. If you want your home to be more dynamic and vibrant, opt for bold colors. Mix different shades and use different patterns and textures to make the space stand out. Strip, swirl, wave! 

Artistic framed mirrors



Mirror is the most versatile and inexpensive decor solution. You can use them in almost any space of the house. To add an artistic feel to the space, go for framed mirrors. Choose from a variety of shapes, styles and design available. Framed mirrors can be an extravagant display piece.

Illuminate your decor with budget friendly candles

Candles for low budget decor - Save Some Penny with budget friendly decor ideas for your homesource

I just love decorating with candles! They look great when placed in group of four or five candles of different heights on a coffee table. Place them in a regular or irregular pattern on console, dining table, side table etc. The trick is – the larger the surface the larger candles should be. You can place them in glasses or mason jars too!

Add new life to the old ones

unnamed (5)source

The best way to add something fresh and new to a room is to repurpose an old piece of furniture instead of buying a new one. They will not only revamp a space, but will a personalised feel to the space. Show off your creative skills and don’t hesitate to experiment!

Inexpensive diy lanterns and lampshades

images (16)source

Another inexpensive way to dazzle your home in almost no cost is to create your own lanterns and lampshades by using the things laying around you. There are so many easy do-it-yourself solutions online to guide you. Make your home more cozy and inviting!

Show off your possession


What can be better than showing off what you already have, instead of buying new decorating items. Bring out your collection of decorative pieces, arts, souvenirs, antiques and anything you got that’s worth a limelight! Display them on wall shelves, console or even on mantel that you hardly use.

Display the dishes on wall


Turn a dull wall into the centre of attraction in almost no penny at all. A can of bold color is all you need to spend on. Bring out those mismatched yet beautiful plates that are no more in use. Allow them to enhance the decor of your space.

Bring in the soothing naturals

images (17)source

Don’t want to spend much on the empty corners of the house? Fill them with the not so expensive houseplants! Consider the number of plants and their sizes before placing them in different areas of the house. Houseplants not only works as a decorating element but are soothing to your eyes as well. 

Do you have a list of pocket friendly ideas to perk up your home decor? If not, which of the above ideas you  are going to implement in your home? Write to us! 🙂

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Arrange A Perfect Dining Table For Friends, Family and You!

A perfect dining table is what we think of at very first, when it comes to setting up a dining area. Unfortunately, factors like inadequate space, inadequate furniture, tight budget etc. hinders one to arrange a perfect dining table and seatings as per the requirement in a small apartment. But, you don’t need to lose hope. If smartly played, nothing is impossible!

Check out these smart tips below for an easier way to achieve a perfect dining setting for your friends,family and you.

Oblongs for narrow space

Oval dining table to add on more seats in a narrow space - Much needed hacks for Dining table arrangements


Oval shaped dining table is ideal for narrow dining area. Specially when you are longing for more seats. It’s lengthened to fit perfectly in a narrow room. The rounded corners of the oval dining table visually seems to occupy less space, providing more seatings and a cozy and intimate setting unlike a rectangular table.

Involve those Banquettes in family meals

Banquettes for small spacesSource 

Planning a family meal for a small group of friends and relatives? However, the number of guests are more than the number of dining seats available? Don’t worry! Team up your dining table and chairs with the banquette to let your guests squeeze in, at the table to foster warm conversation centered on food. Don’t forget to add some beautiful throw pillows for more comfort and arrange some botanicals on the table for a fresh feel.

Separate dining space from kitchen and lounge areas

Add rug to define dining area in open-plan - Much needed hacks for Dining table arrangements


Any home decor is incomplete without rugs. And when it comes to open-plan space, a rug is a must to define a dining area. It not only helps to separate the dining space from the kitchen and lounge areas around it, but also adds warmth, texture and pop of color to the space making it more inviting. Just pick up a nice rug that compliments the decor and place it under the dining table and chairs and you are done!

Sanitise as often as you can!

Keep your dining table clutter free - Much needed hacks for Dining table arrangements


Most of us, unintentionally end up having an over cluttered dining table loaded with piles of books, magazines, mails, unpacked shopping bags, laptops etc. Don’t do that! Remove anything that does not belong to the table to achieve a neat and organised dining room. Nothing can be more refreshing and inviting than a clean, clutter free space.

Accessorise your dining table to impress 😉 

Multiple arrangements of house plants and candles - Much needed hacks for Dining table arrangements


Can’t afford to spend much on those costly artifacts, painting, chandeliers, crockery sets to flaunt to your guests? Don’t worry! You can still impress your guests with multiple arrangements of budget friendly and refreshing house plants and candles. Try grouping arrangements in odd numbers and in oversized glass jars for a bold and dramatic look.

Combine with island to save space

Island table combo to save space - Much needed hacks for Dining table arrangements


No need to go for a separate dining room if you’re living in a small studio apartment with an open-plan scheme. Combine a table with an island and team it up with benches on both sides to provide enough seats for the whole family. It’s a great way to save space. The table also acts as an additional counter for food preparation.


Hope this dining table tips are useful enough to you. Do share your ideas and experiences with us in the comments below! 🙂 

Old Furniture Upcycle – Find, Recreate, Redecorate!

You just never know what is waiting to be created from just about anything laying around you. All you need is little imagination and creativity! Upcycle old pieces of furnitures, laying in your attic or garage into a new piece to reuse in your home decor. Perfect for those who are looking eco friendly, low budget home decor items.

There seems to be an endless amazing ideas, full of fun and creativity to recreate and reuse all kind of old furnitures in your home decor. We picked up few of them for your inspiration here.

Swing baby swing!



Your baby is a grown up now and his crib is now just a useless piece of space consuming furniture in the house? This crib turned swing is an outstanding upcycle idea to give a new life to the crib, to relive old memories of your baby and you and to create some new ones too. Worth trying, isn’t it?

Upcycle old card catalog into an amazing console

Upcycle Old card catalogue into beautiful console for entryway - Ideas to Upcycle Old Furniture- find, Recreate, Redecorate!


This unique upcycled console looks gorgeous. All you need is to find a piece of furniture like this one and add legs to it. Perfect for an entryway as it can be both functional and aesthetic. Small items of daily use such as mails, bills, grocery lists etc. can be stashed in the drawers for an organised entryway.

Go bold with old

Create lovely side tables with old table - ideas to Upcycle Old Furniture- find, Recreate, Redecorate!


Repurpose that old piece of small table into beautiful, new addition for your home decor. Cut the table into half to make lovely side tables. Stain them in bright color to pop out, creating a bold look to the space.

Budget friendly mantel headboard

Reuse old mantel as headboard for your bed - Upcycle Old Furniture- find, Recreate, Redecorate!


How about upcycling that old mantel piece laying in your attic into an elegant headboard for your bedroom? A low budget, easy diy headboard idea, isn’t it? Paint or stain the mantel headboard in whatever color you want to compliment bedroom decor or use as it is for a shabby chic look.

Repurpose old ladder for shelving

Repurpose old ladder for bookshelf - ideas to Upcycle Old Furniture- find, Recreate, Redecorate!


Don’t know what to do with the purposeless ladder laying in your garage. Bring it inside your home, upcycle into wall shelves in no cost at all. Ladders can be reused as perfect bookshelves and can be used to display decorative items as well. Worth giving a try!

 What are you waiting for? Start looking for old pieces of furnitures laying around you at your home or at junkyard to recreate and repurpose! Do share your creation and ideas with us in the comments below. 🙂 


And It’s Booked!- Use Bookshelves As Decorations

Books are a pathway to the world that enlightens and satiates your urge to explore. And owning a bookshelf is in itself a prized possession that one must be proud of. So how do you stack those years of collected knowledge in a way that it compliments the interiors of your house? We give you tips to use your bookshelves to pump up the classy quotient of your house!

  1.  Create the right balance

    Let your bookshelf make space for not only those wonderful books but also some decorative art-items like vases, statues and other show-pieces. Try and create a balance of colours and bring your bookshelf to life!

Decorative items and bookshelf


2. Space out

A completely stacked bookshelf from head to toe looks monotonous and overwhelming. Instead leave some empty spaces and give a push to the minimalistic look so that your room appears bigger. The clutter make interiors appear smaller than usual. Breath out.

Spaces in bookshelf


3.  Cover it to colour code it

If you don’t want a lot of bling or dazzle on your bookshelf, cover your books into colours that you like and then place them to balance the look. Colour coding also helps you sort out the books you like according to their themes. This customised way of putting books is high on style and functionality.

Color coded bookshelf


4.  Create the gradient effect for your bookshelves

A quirky way to decorate your book shelf is by creating a gradient effect where books of the same colour tone are placed with darker hues first and lighter hues at the end. This creates a fade out effect which grabs attention instantly.

Gradient bookshelf


5.  Get playful with your bookshelves

Let the creative juices flow and paint the back wall of your bookshelf in bright hues which highlight the books stacked. You can also play around with the look by having quirky wallpapers at the back wall. Customise and experiment as you wish and let your books stand out with this stylish backing!

Painted back wall


Putting your thinking caps on? Let us know if you liked the idea of bookshelf as an embellishment!


Compact Study Space in a Tiny Apartment

Finding a productive study space in a tiny apartment can be a challenge. A study space is one of the first things to get stuck off when there is a space crunch. But, if a study is a necessity for you then these tips can help you in setting up a space efficient study:

Study in bedroom

You can include a study in your bedroom. A small compact study table is affordable and easy to maintain. You can opt for colourful wall hanging shelves and give the room a more funky look. You can also use table and chair which can be folded for better utilisation of space.

Study Space - Study in bedroom


Study table in a bookshelf

A pull out foldable study table in a bookshelf can be very space efficient. Use contrasting colours of tables and bookshelves.

Study Space - Study table in a bookshelf


Window side study space

This is another amazing way to create a study without wasting any space. A wooden ledge along a window can serve as a super space saver study table. This study space will always have  ample natural light and thus this can be a happy space. Use the walls to create storage.

Study Space - Window side study space


Study space in an unused corner

Almost everyone of our homes has that one corner which hasn’t been ever used. This corner can probably be used a productive study. A simple table and chair are enough to transform this dark and dingy corner of your apartment into a lively and productive study space.

Study space in an unused corner


These are some tips to create a compact study space in a small apartment. A study space becomes more important because it enhances your productivity. While for some it might be an occupational necessity, for others it might just be a place to reboot themselves.

Share with us how have you created an awesome study space in your apartment.

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Romantic Decor Tips to Raise the Love Quotient

Are you one of those hopelessly romantic people who wait for this beautiful month of love? Then how about surprising your partner with some of these great romantic decor tips that will make your home sizzle with love. In fact, the best part is you won’t have to wait for February, you can use these tricks throughout the calender.

Here’re some DIY ideas to spruce up the romance quotient of your home that will surely win your heart.

PS: You don’t have to splurge on a honeymoon suite anymore. Well, thank us later 🙂 Don’t forget to share your secret love potion with us.

Image Sources: House Beautiful, Country Living

It’s SOFA-antastic- Living room décors

The sofa is a statement furniture for your house. The living room’s soul, style and essence breathes in the kind of sofa you select. The choice and selection also depends on the lifestyle of the owner. Nevertheless, this is one piece of furniture where you shouldn’t go wrong because it does involve a major chunk of your investment and takes up a lot of space in your living room. We help you make the right choice.

  1. If it fits, it’s a hit- Choosing the right size

Goes without saying- A bigger living room demands a sofa that is big enough to take some space. If you want to include chairs and couches, coffee table and other furniture etc. a slight ‘L’ shape one will be a perfect fit. If you want your sofa to be the focal point of the living room, go for round shaped sofas which makes way for multiple seating.

L-shaped sofa


2. Orientation matters- Placement of your sofa

This factor majorly depends on your lifestyle. Do you use your sofa to help you relax while you are watching TV? Place it infront of the screen. Like socialising and playing games? Put a semi-circle shaped sofa or a circular one around a central table. If your family likes to read together, surround your couch with chairs and cushions for a comfortable experience.

Lounge styled sofa


3.  Figure it out- Selecting the right shape

After choosing the basic function for your couch , go for a shape that compliments the function. An L shaped couch will help you separate your living room from the dinning room. The round sofa is better for a smaller space and to gather groups of people for meetings and socialising. The L-shaped sofas are available in plenty in IKEA. If you want to get chairs and table for your living room, a day bed styled or chaise would be a good alternative to an otherwise traditional couch.

Leather sofa-circular


4. Comfort Or Style- Choosing upholstery

There might be a deep felt urge to indulge in style-by getting a plush, white suede sofa but one must be careful in buying it since it is dangerous for kids and pets. Leather looks classy and wears will with age plus it is easy to clean. Nowadays people prefer Sunbrella fabrics too which resist water stains and don’t fade because of the sun.

Function sofa


Did we help you in buying a good sofa for your house? We would like to hear from you!

Stash in Style: Bedroom Storage Solutions

Your bedroom should be untouched by your life’s chaos, as it’s the place for you to relax and unwind. But most of the times, it’s easier said than done and that inevitable pile of dirty clothes and overstuffed closet slyly make their space in your bedroom. Surprisingly, after a period of time you realise that the unwanted stuff has started taking charge of your room making it less yours.

The solution is simple – you need a makeover for your bedroom storage space. Here’s are some storage ideas which will help you store your stuff comfortably:

Stack it under the bed

If you follow Feng Shui then you might cringe at the idea of putting anything under the bed but believe us this is the smartest and most comfortable way to create storage space in your tiny bedroom. If you don’t have a bed with storage  then you can probably raise your bed in height and create some storage space and hide it using a bed skirt. The other option is to buy a new bed with a storage. You ca choose a stylish bed on IKEA, give your room a new look completely. Alternatively, you can also buy some bed storage options.

Bedroom Storage IKEA - Stack it under the bed



Maximise your closet

When planning your bedroom closet analyse what you are planning to keep there. It is easier to create shelf units but very difficult to change the hanging space. So, know your stuff before choosing a closet. You can browse through a range of closet ideas from IKEA here.

Bedroom Storage IKEA - Maximise your closet



Organise your dresser

Use dividers and drawers to create more storage space in your dresser. It is important to stash your everyday stuff in your dresser, hence use it wisely. Consider packing out-of-season stuff for more bedroom storage space. Here are some great dressing table options that allow you to store stuff.

Bedroom Storage - Organise your dresser


Head towards high ceiling

The floor space in your bedroom is limited, so once you have maximised its use think of using the walls. You can create some deep storage space above your head. Opt for tall but narrow cabinets if your room is very small. This will create more bedroom storage space and will give it a less cluttered and more comfortable feel. You can choose from some of these storage systems, here.


Bedroom Storage IKEA - Head towards high ceilingSource

These are some ideas to increase the bedroom storage space. A little makeover can do wonders and convert your bedroom into a haven from all those life’s chaos.

Don’t forget to share your secret bedroom storage space ideas with us.

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Office Reception – ideas to inspire and impress!

Office reception is like the cover page of a book. Hence, it is the most important area of a workspace as far as first impression is concerned. Offer a clean, bright and welcoming  visual contrast to the clients as they walk through the door. The goal should be to create a comfortable and inviting office reception for the clients that is centered around simplicity, innovation, quality and which fosters creativity.

Here are few ideas to create an office reception that is both inspiring and impressive. 


An entryway should reflect the brand of the company. Light up the logo of your company, have brand name on partitioning and doors. Use back painted glass in brand colors or even use the ceiling panel as designed by Designer Gensler in the trendy offices of AUTODESK, San Francisco.



Quality furnitures

As far as first impression go, invest in good quality durable furnitures for the office reception. Furnitures should be in accordance with the standard of your company.

Invest in Durable quality furnitures - Office Reception ideas to inspire and impress


Graphic wall

Create a positive impact on the visitors by offering a visual info about the aim, objectives and elements of your company through a trendy graphic wall.

Graphic wall for office- Office reception ideas to inspire and impress


Front desk

High desk can be intimidating for the visitors. Opt for a partially low and partially high desk for the info desk to provide a clean desk.



Add Greenary

Big bold plants or greenwall provides warmth and natural contrast to the reception area. It also creates an impression on the visitors that you are able to take care of things.

Greenwall add natural contrast to the space- Office reception ideas to inspire and impres


Highlight company logo

Add spotlights to highlight the logo of the company. It adds sophistication to the reception area, making it more inviting and instantly recognisable.

Spotlighting company logo make reception more inviting- Office reception ideas to inspire and impress


Display artwork

Display of inspiring artworks creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in the office reception. Keep the visitors entertained by putting interactive arts with funny messages while he waits for the meeting. Don’t forget to keep it classy.

Wall arts keeps the clients entertained while waiting - Office Reception ideas to inspire and impress


Natural light

Natural day light gives spacious and airy feel to the office reception. It also provides a sense of reassurance to the visitors.

Natural light to give spacious feel - Office Reception ideas to inspire and impress


Company awards at display in the office reception

Show off the awards and achievements of your company to inspire. It is a good way to accessorise the office reception too. 

images (1)


Industry and company literature

Make the company’s literature available in the reception area. It allows people understand the company well. It also helps build trust for the company people are planning to work with.

Company literature at reception - Office Reception ideas to inspire and impress


TV screens to the office reception

Add 24hours News TV to the space. It shows that you are keeping a track and working with latest trends and market flow.

24hours tv News feed to keep updated - inspiring office reception


Take inspiration from these few office reception ideas to create an impactful impression on the clients. Share with us your ideas too!