Arrange A Perfect Dining Table For Friends, Family and You!

A perfect dining table is what we think of at very first, when it comes to setting up a dining area. Unfortunately, factors like inadequate space, inadequate furniture, tight budget etc. hinders one to arrange a perfect dining table and seatings as per the requirement in a small apartment. But, you don’t need to lose hope. If smartly played, nothing is impossible!

Check out these smart tips below for an easier way to achieve a perfect dining setting for your friends,family and you.

Oblongs for narrow space

Oval dining table to add on more seats in a narrow space - Much needed hacks for Dining table arrangements


Oval shaped dining table is ideal for narrow dining area. Specially when you are longing for more seats. It’s lengthened to fit perfectly in a narrow room. The rounded corners of the oval dining table visually seems to occupy less space, providing more seatings and a cozy and intimate setting unlike a rectangular table.

Involve those Banquettes in family meals

Banquettes for small spacesSource 

Planning a family meal for a small group of friends and relatives? However, the number of guests are more than the number of dining seats available? Don’t worry! Team up your dining table and chairs with the banquette to let your guests squeeze in, at the table to foster warm conversation centered on food. Don’t forget to add some beautiful throw pillows for more comfort and arrange some botanicals on the table for a fresh feel.

Separate dining space from kitchen and lounge areas

Add rug to define dining area in open-plan - Much needed hacks for Dining table arrangements


Any home decor is incomplete without rugs. And when it comes to open-plan space, a rug is a must to define a dining area. It not only helps to separate the dining space from the kitchen and lounge areas around it, but also adds warmth, texture and pop of color to the space making it more inviting. Just pick up a nice rug that compliments the decor and place it under the dining table and chairs and you are done!

Sanitise as often as you can!

Keep your dining table clutter free - Much needed hacks for Dining table arrangements


Most of us, unintentionally end up having an over cluttered dining table loaded with piles of books, magazines, mails, unpacked shopping bags, laptops etc. Don’t do that! Remove anything that does not belong to the table to achieve a neat and organised dining room. Nothing can be more refreshing and inviting than a clean, clutter free space.

Accessorise your dining table to impress 😉 

Multiple arrangements of house plants and candles - Much needed hacks for Dining table arrangements


Can’t afford to spend much on those costly artifacts, painting, chandeliers, crockery sets to flaunt to your guests? Don’t worry! You can still impress your guests with multiple arrangements of budget friendly and refreshing house plants and candles. Try grouping arrangements in odd numbers and in oversized glass jars for a bold and dramatic look.

Combine with island to save space

Island table combo to save space - Much needed hacks for Dining table arrangements


No need to go for a separate dining room if you’re living in a small studio apartment with an open-plan scheme. Combine a table with an island and team it up with benches on both sides to provide enough seats for the whole family. It’s a great way to save space. The table also acts as an additional counter for food preparation.


Hope this dining table tips are useful enough to you. Do share your ideas and experiences with us in the comments below! 🙂 

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